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Hi Warriors
I am looking for information on a fellow called Marcus Campbell and his course Simple Sites Big Profits $797 seems alot to put down, has anyone bought this course and if so is it any good.


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    I have looked at this myself and Marcus seems like a down to earth cool guy.
    However the price tag is huge and even though he makes it look and sound easy to make money with these sites, that doesn't mean it will be for you or I.
    I think he also does a 'bite size' version of the programme for $97 or something so it may be worth purchasing that first to see if it produces results.
    If you go ahead please keep me informed as I have been looking at this for a while now.

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    From what ive read its a good product, i researched and found out it was of quality and this is why i made a review about it.

    Blogger at (Make Money online blog but also promoting ethical internet marketing)

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      Originally Posted by Fazal Mayar View Post

      From what ive read its a good product, i researched and found out it was of quality and this is why i made a review about it.

      how can you make a review of something you haven't tried yourself?:confused: Reading other positive reviews from people who may not have tried the product out themselves is not good research?????

      @micfo07 - Something similar happened to me a few years ago - not by Marcus Campbell who I had had no dealings with. Anyway the guy I dealt with (who made lots of promises, took payment and never delivered) got difficult until I said I was reporting him to the authorities. In the UK we have a specific police task force dealing with internet crime and fraud. So check out where you live whether there is a similar protection, check out where any seller you buy from is based - (should be on any email sent to you) and then you can forward any proof of fraud (payment receipts, course description, follow up emails/skype etc) to the relevant department. If you paid by paypal you can also open a dispute - they say they dont get involved in non physical products but I opened one on a software issue I was having and I had my refund less than 30 mins later. Not saying it could happen with you but ............

      Also VISA should get involved if you are dealing with a case of fraud. Write to them with all of the above information and they should investigate. It is one of the benefits of using a credit card rather than cash. Fraud is fraud whether it happens on the high street or online.

      I have no issue with Marcus Campbell as I have never dealt with him and have never even heard of him. Obviously I was not party to your transaction and therefore am not making any comment, negative or otherwise on Marcus or his products. I looked at this thread as I thought it was talking about a product with a similar name.

      And the above post struck a cord with me - When I was in trouble with my issue a fantastic warrior - Bev Clement (RIP) helped me out. I hope you get your issues resolved.
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      Originally Posted by Fazal Mayar View Post

      From what ive read its a good product, i researched and found out it was of quality and this is why i made a review about it.
      Do you have a copy of the product? If not how could you honestly review it?
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    you do realize you can easily file a dispute w paypal and get the funds back...

    “Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.”
    ― Dalai Lama XIV

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    Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. - I've had the same problem trying to get money back. Support just isn't there. You can't log in to support. Emails don't get answered. It was a disaster for me.
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    I just want to point out that this is an outrageous price for what looks like unorganized and improper training. I personally do not know much about the course, but overall, I can tell you that you DO NOT need to spend that much money in order to learn.

    Just as an example, his website's permalink structure isn't even proper: /?page_id=42

    To some this might not be huge, but to me that means he probably doesn't know much about what he's doing or he doesn't care much about his own business. These are just my opinions and not personal, but moreso targeted at the fact that it comes off unprofessional.

    Don't waste your money on something this expensive, it's not needed.

    My name is Justin Lewis, with Business Optimizer I've been in business for 6 years online with multiple six figure years, here are the tools that have helped me the most: Increase your reviews with this free Review Handout

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    Justin may be right about the SEO of his own sites, but I doubt he is trying to rank the one he is looking at. He definitely knows HOW to make money and is really very clever with the way he does it. He has talent in spades and 10 years of experience. I've no doubt he is doing really well for himself. However The teaching and coaching is just horrendous and it's very difficult to get your money back once you realize that your just getting recycled webinars and a hodge podge of stuff from over the years. It's by far the worse money I've ever spent and have been trying to get a refund for a while. That part is clever as well.
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      I wish I had read this thread a few weeks ago - I'm aying $39 monthly to be part of his Blog Profit Network and on his weekly calls a few weeks ago I upgraded to what he clains was somehting he was trying out with existing members. He offered a home verison of Simple Sites for $297 - God knows what I will land up getting if I ever get it. I've been emailing, calling, filling out support tickets for 2 weeks asking when I can expect the course. NOTHING....

      Support SUCKS in my oppion. I can get better support for $17 WSO than from this guy. I've also read that after using the software for 30 days it shuts off and you need to contact them to either turn it back on or pay the $97 monthly membership fee.

      Not going to happen. I'm thinking of canceling everything once I get the course. If I ever get it. This guy comes across as wanting to help, but ignores you when you reach out to him......
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    What is the best course for online marketing?
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      I'm glad I've read this thread. I was seriously thinking of going for the program, even at it's outrageous price point. I'm tired of struggling on my own and want some type of coaching or mentoring but at a realistic price.

      Has anyone one had any experience with NPC v3? I originally wanted to ask in a thread for opinions w REAL experience: NPC v3 vs Simple Sites.

      I'll have to do little more research.

      -swtp43 (alex)
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    I just listened to an Offervault webinar by Marcus. It was interesting, and I enjoyed it.

    However there wasn't loads of detail about exactly how he did stuff - which is fairly OK, since of course he wants to sell his products, ($127, with some cool sounding bonuses) - but there was a little too much glossing over and not enough meat for me to be enticed.

    For me when a webinar host gives TRUE value - and doesn't put music on for 5 minutes so he can check how much money he is making by people signing up for what he just tried to sell you on, LOL - yes, really - THEN I am happy to buy because they already over delivered.

    I don't mean this to be mean and bad to Marcus, I just mean that there are a lot of other people out there giving a lot more value before they try to get you to pay them, that's all. And I am happy working with them! :-)

    His methods seem great though, and good for him, I can see the appeal of making simple sites and using CPA offers, paying for traffic, makes sense if you pick your niches wisely :-)

    His site simple sites big profits I wrote like that because Chrome just told me it has Malware on it when I tried to check it out. Just a warning in case anyone tries to go there...

    Reading the comments above that the support is crap, I probably won't try it now, such a shame when cool people don't have the full package.

    Marcus, if you read this - hope you can sort out the Malware, be less pushy and sales-y - give more great free content - it will come back to you tenfold :-)
    Signature - no marketing - just awesome music! electronic, chillout and jazz... - motivation, product reviews and tips to go from earning enough to pay your bills, to a LOT more.
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    made my decision for me ................i will not buy it or get on his list.c
    nothing pisses me more than someone selling me something and then no support........
    i email 2x and if no answer, i file dispute
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    It seems like just another "Get rich overnight" scheme. Just think about it, if it`s sooo profitable, why doesn`t he settle with the huge profits instead of scamming people of $797? Fools gold...
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    I had a crap experience with this guy a while back.
    Basically I paid him over $300 for one of his courses that promised the world, saying that he would guarantee acceptance into a cpa network.
    Of course when I applied I got rejected and asked for his help, and nothing........
    Support was awful, email, skype both got ignored and eventually I just gave up and wrote it off.
    Funny though how people think they can do this without it impacting their business. I have contacted many people who have expressed an interest in his products and told them my story and they have then lost interest.
    Stay away if I were you.

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    Yes, Yes, Yes, stay far away from this guy. I have purchased his SSBP v1 a couple years ago. Mediocre course at best. However dummy me became interested in his Blog Profits Network course. I contacted him to see if he would split up the payments ,$64 then $63 like he did with SSBP earlier. He tried to pawn some other blog product on me instead, for a one time $77 stating it was BPN. He blatenly tried to rip me off. When I called him out on it he had the lamest excuse 'cause he knows I busted him. Poor Products + Poor Customer Service = Poor Results. Save your money and stay away from Marcus Campbell !!! Much better training on here and elsewhere for a lot cheaper.
    Keeping It Real ><>
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