Who Do You Consider to Provide the Best Backlink Service and Why?

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I'd like to hear some recommendations on who you consider the best supplier of relevant and quality backlinks.

Obviously there are plenty of outfits out there, and tons of people who claim to do it well, but I'm not referring to fiverr gigs, or fly-by-night services.

I'm talking about reputable services you have used and who you've been happy with and delivered quality backlinks and quality outcomes to your sites PR in Google.

(Note: I'm not saying that Fiverr are not a reputable service, in fact, I use Fiverr for various things and have been very satisfied with the results)

In other words, quality service that truly made a difference.

Who do you recommend the most and why?

I'm not referring to hundreds or thousands of unrelated, irrelevant, haphazard backlinks, but pure quality and relevant backlinks. Perhaps better said, quality not quantity.

Bottom line: Who provided you the best backlink experience, and whose services rendered top quality results that actually made you money?
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    Let me add a fiverr gig I have been thrilled with because it covers 3 of the top rated networks used for backlinking. He posts an article submitted in spun format to My Article Network, Article Ranks & SEO LinkVine - so for $5 I get 3 top networks! He provides a video screen shot showing a sample post within each network.

    drclivingston: I will submit your already spun article to My Article Network, Article Ranks And Seo Linkvine for $5 on fiverr.com

    I am also using Article Marketing Robot that provides thousands of available article sites and wordpress blogs - the service is very easy to use and although there is a high rate of failed submissions, the shear number of links is very impressive - just make sure to submit the url's to a service such as Linklicious or BacklinkIndexer in order to get them indexed by google. I know you asked for quality over quantity, but these links provide quite a diversified ip for the backlinks and I have never read that this is not good.

    I have a lot of sites and have begun to see them gain traction in google rankings again, after slipping down after the last google update.

    Finally, I want to give Build My Rank a try, they seem to consistently get high praise from users and provide high quality backlinks. The service is just more difficult to use because every post must be unique which is probably why their network has higher PR sites.

    Probably did not answer your question directly as I can't directly verify which service has "made me money".
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    Your question interested me, so I did some digging. You could start by checking the ElectronPlumber "experiment", and also here.
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      Originally Posted by jaiper View Post

      Your question interested me, so I did some digging. You could start by checking the ElectronPlumber "experiment", and also here.
      Thanks jaiper! There is a pretty extensive thread here at WF on my experiment. Unlike pretty much every other affiliate review of these link building services, I actually put them to use and documented the results pretty much every step of the way for six months.

      I'm firing up another 6 month experiment to put the winners of my last experiment against some completely hands off SEO services, like Matt Laclears Seotrafficservices. If anyone has any suggestions for hands off link building services they'd like me to include in this experiment, let me know!

      Here is the thread: http://www.warriorforum.com/adsense-...nt-2011-a.html
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    Sean also does in depth reviews of products that I am sure he has very specific tracking of results. Always great and thorough reviews:

    Reviews | IM Impact
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    Dan McGonagle from Boston is a successful marketer who gets practically ALL his sites on pg. 1, and who has a fabulous ongoing blog reviewing all the major tools and link-building services. I highly recommend reading all his reviews as well as the very-active comments & replies his posts get (I am not affiliated in any way.)

    One of his pages, updated every 6 -12 months, is his pick for the top 4 quality link building services. Here's the link to it:

    Effective Link Building Services

    As you will see, his current favorites are:
    1. Build My Rank
    2. LinxBoss
    3. Article Marketing Robot
    4. Article Ranks

    My choices:
    You can't go wrong with Build My Rank or LinxBoss, because they both supply plenty of high-quality links that stick. The first, Build My Rank, takes more work because you must submit quality, original, un-spun content but the price is reasonable. LinxBoss may seem expensive to some, at $147 a month, but you don't have to lift a finger, they do all the writing and submission for you, and if you have sites that pull in well over $1K or $2K/mo., $147 for a no-work solution is cheap.

    All marketers should be reminded that you don't need any of these to rank & stay on pg. 1 for most markets that are not ultra-competitive, and that sending too many backlinks (anything over 10-15 a day) will probably knock your site off pg.1 and dancing all over Google's back pages. The links must come in looking natural, as in, not all anchor-texted, not all from within your niche, and not thousands a month. Many marketers find they still regularly get pg.1 listings within 3-4 weeks, and stay there, just by adding a few social bookmarks, rss feeds and blog comments a day, which they can do by hand in about 20 minutes a day, without SENuke, Scrapebox, or any of the above link-building services.

    So try one of these services out if you like, but at some point you gotta ask yourself, "Gee, if I can get/stay on pg.1 with just 20 minutes a day of dropping a few choice comments, are marketers getting way too oversold and infatuated with all these big services?

    Before HOW to make money online, the question no one ever asks is, CAN I really make money online? Not everyone can, it simply may not be right for you. Before you waste years of time & tons of money, FIND OUT if Internet Marketing is right for you, and how to do it, with my FREE REPORT.
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    Check out this thread to find the best backlinking service

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    Of the services we dont own we liked TrafficKaboom and
    SEO Nitro very much.

    To answer the OP factually:
    I consider my own LinkJuice to be the best because it
    beat all the ones we tested. It is entirely private and
    100% done for you.
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    Gr8 thread !
    Although I now have another 3-4 hours of reading to do now .......

    if not now, when ?

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