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I just read about Armand Morin's new Placement Locator product. It is a pretty cool piece of software that they claim will get you lots of targeted traffic from popular websites that are running Google Adsense.

It automates finding popular websites running Google Adsense based on your selected keywords. YOu can then advertise on these sites using Google Placement Targeting to place your ads in CPM (Cost Per Thousand) instead of CPC (Cost Per Click).

It sounds pretty promising. If any of you Warriors have purchased the product and tried it out, can you give us all feedback.

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    Haven't used it so I can't say anything about it either good or bad.

    However, you can basically do the same thing using G's system.

    In essence, you can basically find sites to place your ads on by browsing by topics and/or entering keywords related to your offer.

    Check it out:
    How do I use the Placement Tool? - AdWords Help Center

    - jay
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      I think there are free alternatives available...
      And several other products like that.
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        Originally Posted by ayush View Post

        I think there are free alternatives available...
        And several other products like that.
        I've seen at least two other products that do the exact same thing and one I considered buying cost less than half as much...about $59 if memory serves...but I can't remember its name, LOL!

        I think PPC-Coach knows the name of one or two and he might post them if he reads this thread.

        Regardless, the competition ain't nearly as slick as Armand so he'll sell a boatload of his copycat software even at 3 or 4 (or 10) times the cost. That fella knows you sell the sizzle and not the steak.
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          Thanks a lot for sharing this resource Dave!

          It's going to be a big help.

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    Here you go! Sometimes the best things in life are Free...
    AdWords ROI Explosion with AdwordsDigger

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      Thanks, I will check out those free resources.

      That's what I love about this forum. Someone always has a good resource they are willing to share.


      Get a Google Voice Number for yourself or your Business (Buy 2 get 1 Free)
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      I tried this adsense finder mentioned here.
      It did Not work.
      I entered the very popular keywords :"home busines" "home based business" clicked check and Nothing appeared.Timeout was set at 20 secs and 30 secs.
      Has any one else had problems with this tool?

      Thanks for the link anyway.
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    Thanks Dave777, you saved me $197.00! I was about to purchase the tool until the one you recommended did the same and cost me nothing.
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      Thanks DAVE777
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    Very many thanks for the information.

    Very useful.

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    Works great but try hunting for the focused low hanging fruit Not the very popular keywords...
    How to Find and Target Long Tail Keywords for More Search Engine Traffic

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    Anything from Armand is worth trying. It makes it easier for you to do an ad placement instead of the hard work plus he is giving away his special report to 1000 people as reported in his video.
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      Thank you for your information Dave777. I bookmarked that site to use in the future.

      If You Can Dream It, Then You Can Achieve It!

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    Products from Armand are definately worth trying, but if you can get free software and it can do close to what paid software can do, you are not going to buy on loyalty alone are you?

    Then again if there is added value like access to a members area and special reports then it might be worth it.

    Do your "Due diligence" I guess.

    Get a Google Voice Number for yourself or your Business (Buy 2 get 1 Free)
    Google Voice invites available, limited supplies...

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    I fail to understand why the cost of this program when google and others provide free ones. It definitely appears easy to use but currently I haven't needed it and my phone is still ringing off the hook with business. "simplyreturncalls"
    Overwhelmed with information overload on Internet Marketing??? I hear you!!!
    Access this $39 report for FREE. Why? Cuz I'm in a good mood and you deserve it.
    A MUST report for the seasoned or newbie. $1477 a week is DOABLE.
    No experience needed. Just a will to succeed.
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      If im not mistaken, the video of PL by Morin does MSN and Yahoo as well?
      I appreciate the AFF Digger reference! Was just about to get PL.

      As a tip:
      I read somewhere that you should see which sites convert best first in content network for keyword you are aiming for in placements. I guess if a site converts well for text, then surely a display ad will do better?
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        Hi Dave.

        Thanks for the Adwords Digger recommendation. Real great tool.
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          Armand says he kicks the others advertisers off how does he do that ?
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            Free software doesn't work.
            I tried it all, Adwords digger, Placement locator.
            Nothing comes close to Sitesniper Pro.
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    The key thing with this type of app is speed

    You want a multi threaded app that is fast and you also want yahoo and msn placement URLs separately also
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      Keyword Elite - Program #6: Advanced Adwords Site Targeter does exactly the same thing as Placement Locator. In addition Keyword Elite has 8 other powerful features for only $197. If you have a ClickBank account you can purchse it through your ClickBank link and save around 40% on the price.

      Verdict: Forget about Placement Locator. Keyword Elite is a better option.

      Need Some Extra $$$$ To Promote Your Home Business? - Visit our Credit Card Blog TODAY!

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      • I've been using AdWords Digger for a long time now.

        It works like charm.

        WARNINGs: Some problems and feedback to consider:

        1) You need to have Microsoft Frame Work installed
        (I've never had any problems, but people who I've
        tried to outsource this did have minor problems)

        2) I recommend it for Google ONLY!
        (While you have the options to select
        "Google", "Yahoo", "MSN" or "All" I've
        mostly managed to get placements
        for URLs which have Google AdSense!)

        3) You must provide your email address. ;-)
        (You always pay in one form or another!)

        4) If you type in 600 keywords it takes about
        60 minutes in my personal experience to
        get the results.

        See the facts & feedback.

        Now take a wise decision!

        (I highly recommend it!)


        Frederico Vila Verde
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