SE Nuke; Best SEO software? or is there something else?

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For 2 or 3 months I have been using EVO II Pro and PAD submitter to generate backlinks. About a week ago I went ahead and purchased SE Nuke, and it seems to be a legit deal. But is there any other product that is more effective? or should I continue using SE Nuke?
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    I tried using rank builder before and I liked it. Don't know whether it is better than SE Nuke. Probably you can test it out for a month and see for yourself.

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    I think sick submitter is way better than SEnuke X! Because of it's simplicity and usefulness!
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    Senuke its good, but database is crap... and for $147... SPAMER
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    I SenukeX users. Although expensive but very functional
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    I am currently using Evo II Pro and SE Nuke X. I've used previous versions of both (during the free trial periods). I've also used ScrapeBox, Social Bookmarking Demon, Bookmarking Demon, and a few others. I've used a lot of tools and yet decided to spend months programming my own solution.

    Long story short I have used a lot and my favorites to date are SE Nuke X and Social Bookmarking Demon. However, I would no longer recommend Social Bookmarking Demon as that program stopped working for months about this time last year - their license server was broken. After 3 months of attempting to get them to recognize this, the vendor blamed it on bookmarking sites gone bad, released an update that still didn't work, and then got angry with me for pointing out that it still didn't work and demanding a refund. Ultimately, the vendor called me a scammer for demanding a refund after using the software for 8 months and killed my account. Mind you I demanded a refund based on the fact that I had paid for 12 months of support and for the last 3 months I'd "used" the broken software I'd received no support. I had submitted detailed support tickets regarding every level of test on the software I'd done for 3 months showing them it was broken and they erased those tickets from their support system.

    Bookmarking Demon works on Windows alone and seem to bog down my machine. Bookmarking Demon was actually a much better implementation of automated social bookmarks backlinks technique than was Social Bookmarking Demon. But Social Bookmarking Demon used PHP and would run on my servers unattended - when it worked at all.

    ScrapeBox is a great program but I've found it to be fairly difficult to use properly. However, it was multi-threaded before almost any other piece of software. And it has been more stable for me than any other piece of SEO software I've used.

    Evo II Pro has never worked well for me. I've used other Brute Force tools and liked them well enough but the platform for Evo II Pro is obsolete, slow, and not particularly effective - IMHO. In the current version you can only use 1 Proxy at a time and you must manually change proxies for every run or many of the sites will start to block you based on your IP. The Evo II Pro process is 2 phase - 1) create Static Accounts, 2) create and populate Project Accounts. The Static Account phase is very slow and I've never had it complete 100% successfully. Typically the first Static Account run will create accounts on approx. 50% of the sites. The second Static Account run only reruns those sites that didn't work the first time (because I manually uncheck the sites that were successful). After the second run I have accounts on 66% to 75% of the sites. I've run the Static Account creator up to 5 times and typically only get 1 or 2 mores sites to register accounts - irrespective of changing the proxy. You can watch the software work if you like and many of the problems with the sites that never register accounts are little things like one site has banned the use of a Yahoo email account but that's the only type of email account Evo II Pro uses.

    The second phase of Evo II Pro is creating a variety of accounts and then populating them with Spun articles or account profiles and planting links in those articles and profiles. The tool seems to do more in this phase and does it faster.

    I have not found Evo II Pro to be very stable on my Win 7 Pro and Win 7 Home Premium machines. And despite claims that you will never lose your work I have lost several Projects due to crashes. Certainly many times Evo II Pro has recovered from the crash without lost work but it seems to me that about 25% of the time the project is lost. Does this give you any idea on the number of times Evo has crashed on me?

    SE Nuke X has been a much better program in my opinion. I'm sure I'm not using it to its fullest extent yet but it has been much more stable and allows scheduling of account creation, backlinking projects, etc. When SE Nuke X runs a project equivalent to the account creation that Evo II Pro does SE Nuke X is successful about approx. 90% (except for Press Release sites which are approx. 50%). However, SE Nuke X creates accounts on a lot more sites so rather than attempting to create accounts on those sites that it missed I just start another account creation project. (I will likely use these accounts in custom SEO tools I will be building - that's not a plug I don't intend to sell these tools or create a monthly service with them they're just for me.)

    The only real annoyance I have with SE Nuke X are 1) SE Nuke X kills my Windows - like Windows Task Manager and various program prompts from other software I have running. I've had issues with the proxy in my Internet Options being changed but I'm not sure whether SE Nuke X or Evo II Pro is doing that.
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    Give Magic Submitter a try. I've tried EVO, SEN and MS and MS is what I chose because I can add services, sites, diagram my plan of attack and the video training is insane. And it is $67 a month. For me, this just works so much better and is more flexible than SENX for the way I work.
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    It depends on what you need the software to do.

    If you are looking for something that you can customize a schedule for to run multi-layered backlinking from a range of different sources (bookmarking, article directories, social networks, etc), then I can recommend SENukeX.

    The only negative I have seen so far for the software is that the video submission module quite frequently has issues, and I would not bother using it for videos at the moment.

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