What is the cheapest online payment processor?

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Who do people use and what are the fees?
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    Pay Pal is the best Service for online money.
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    Pay Pal is the best Service for online money.
    Another one for Paypal. I use it all the time however you'll have to look else where if you're wanting to recruit affiliates.

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      I was just watching a video last night
      from a web developer and she made an
      interesting comment.

      She will only sign up to membership sites
      that offer PayPal.

      Reason being, it is so easy to unsubscribe.

      She also said, you maybe thinking that's a bad thing,
      but maybe if you have a good membership site
      people will stay and you will sell more.

      I use PayPal and a credit card processor, Authorize Net.
      "Nothing Happens Until Something Is Sold"
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    Originally Posted by DrewBru75 View Post

    Who do people use and what are the fees?
    Paypal, definitely.
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    i will suggest you PayPal.
    Best and reliable..........can't say cheap.
    But cheap always weep.
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    I agree with Ken and everyone else about PayPal; no fees, easy to get started and with transaction fees that aren't the most expensive, either.

    I use both Authorize.net and PayPal on my ecommerce store.

    I have had criminals trying to scam me - where they use a stolen credit card and have the goods delivered to an alternate address, which is something I provide on my shopping cart.

    However, I've never yet had a criminal use PayPal to scam me. I know one day it probably will happen but I think PayPal is also a very safe way to take payment on your site as far as fraud is concerned. Of course, I could be wrong, but that's just my personal experience/view.

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      Originally Posted by locochimp View Post

      I understand Paypal is the best but what is the "cheapest?"
      Palypal is the cheapest, because if you don't use it you are surely missing out on sales because of it. I would venture a guess and say that a vast majority of people won't even consider your offer if you don't at least offer Paypal.

      So from the standpoint of missed revenue opportunities Paypal is very likely the cheapest.
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