Anyone use Easy Video Player?

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I'm looking for a player to imbed videos on my website (other than YouTube). I found Easy Video Player, and see that it has a lot of benefits. If anyone is using it I'd be interested to hear feedback.

Right now I'm trying to keep budget low so looking for an alternative. I uploaded my video to Amazon S3. Now I just need a player. Any suggestions?
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    I started using EVP last month and I love it! I love that it has a huge choice of skins and every option imaginable. You can upload your videos straight to Amazon S3 from the EVP admin page and all of your videos are available to choose from right there.

    It can do a delayed content box so your buy button or opt-in form won't appear until a certain time in the video and it can also lock down your videos so they are only viewable from your site. It's a great piece of software!

    I haven't even scratched the surface of all it can do, but it is so easy that I can't image doing video any other way.

    That's my experience with it anyway. If you get it I hope it works just as well for you!

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    Hi Mike,

    thanks for the feedback on how well it has worked for you!
    Sandra Sims

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    I also use EVP. Pretty much the best self-hosted player out there that I've found. Does pretty much everything you'd want.
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    Thanks David. A recommendation from you means a lot!

    I have also heard about jwplayer, but haven't figured out how to use it yet.
    Sandra Sims

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    Yes, I have EVP and just love it. I host most of my "short" videos on youtube and simply embed them into my blog. But for videos that are longer than 15 minutes... or for those I want to use to collect an opt-in or simply to have various social media share buttons on... EVP is fantastic.

    You don't have to have an S3 account as you can host the videos from your own server if you want. However if you get a lot of traffic, the bandwidth can eat you alive. I host hundreds of videos with hundreds, even thousands of views using S3 and the cloud server. The cost has never been over $50 per month. Usually much less.
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    Hi Sandra I have Josh Bartletts EVP and Mark Deluisse Traffic player which are both great products but I seen this wso which looks pretty good I haven't bought it myself but I must say for the price I am tempted
    No affiliate link here as I just copied and pasted the address hope this helps you
    cheers Mick
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    Actually i am using EVP and VLC player to ma website because that both are suitable to watch the videos... Try it..
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