Money Site Maker or The Blog Profit Pro

by ddyk
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Fellow Warriors,

I am considering purchasing one of the two software programs that appear to make affiliate marketing website creation, keyword research and tracking much easier.

Money Site Maker by Chris Reeves- Thread:


The Blog Profit Pro by Nick Jolin- Thread:

If you haven't checked out their WSO's, I am impressed by what I see. However, as a WSO addict, I am routinely "impressed" and "routinely" purchase. LOL

Seriously, I would appreciate hearing from anyone that has experience with either or both products.

The Blog Profit Pro's thread began 5/12/2011 and has been around longer. As I examine the thread I'm surprised it's only two pages and 71 posts ending 7/15/2011 with a question that was not answered in the thread.

Money Site Maker's thread began 8/25/2011, has already 295 posts.

I'm not saying that the amount of posts necessarily is an indication of the quality of the offering and or success of the WSO, however I believe it's one of many indicators.

Again, any feedback from warriors with experience with either product is welcome or if you just want to chime in, that's cool too.

Thank you in advance,

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