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What are your thoughts of Textbroker? I have recently started using them more for many of my projects and find they do a pretty outstanding job. You can select the writers you have interest in and quality is pretty amazing really.
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    I've used Textbroker articles on a bunch of sites, usually with 12 - 15 articles per site, and I've been very pleased with the results.

    I started off with Level 4 quality articles, which I think cost me $0.022 per word. The quality was excellent...I really liked the fact that (after a quick skim) I could usually use the articles as-is.

    To try and reduce my costs, I started using Level 3 articles ($0.016 per word) and the quality is usually just as good. I'll occasionally have to send one back for a rewrite, but it happens infrequently enough that I've been sticking with the cheaper articles.

    Regardless of whether I've selected a Level 3 or 4 article, the turnaround time has always been super fast (always less than 48 hours, and usually less than 24 hours).

    The site itself isn't the prettiest or most user friendly, but it works just fine once you get the hang of it.

    When I first started using Textbroker, I had planned on also testing out a few other services, but I was happy enough with the results that I just stuck with them.
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      I actually used to write over there. Was a good way to make five to ten bucks while having my morning coffee.

      Doesn't seem like much, but it can really add up by the end of the month. It's also a good way to fund business costs if you're on a tight budget. Especially if you're a level 4 author. If you're a decent writer and fairly quick you can earn around $12-15 an hour.

      My time is getting more and more limited though as I work on other things. But I still check the directory once or twice a week to see if there's anything I'd like to write.
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    I ordered a total of about 180 articles from them in the past few days for one of my services and found they do an outstanding job. Thanks for the feedback

    My name is Justin Lewis. My digital marketing company has been in business for over 10 years with multiple six-figure years. We do provide a premium web design service.

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      i have been using Text Broker for a couple of years. I am satisfied with what you get for the money. The main reason I use them is because they are really fast at getting your articles back to you. More times than not you will have them back in a day.
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        I think Textbroker is really great, and their writers deliver excellent articles for the most part. I recently have been sticking with the Level 4 writers because I can count on them to deliver just what I want, and with fast turnaround.

        Jesse is an excellent writer and I give her a lot of Direct Orders. She's fast and I never got less than an excellent article from her. (Don't swamp her guys--I discovered her, lol.)

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