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Hi everyone,

I've been lurking around here for a long time and don't really post much, but I learn an awful lot from the members! So thanks everybody. I do IM on a very very part time basis. I make enough to cover my hosting and some paid submission services. Plus maybe some extra to outsource some things I don't want to do.

Anyway, I bought and used 3 guru products: Affiloblueprint, Gsniper2, and Rapid Profit Formula. Each one of these products has its high points; and each has its drawbacks.

I shouldn't say drawbacks though. Any training program cannot possibly contain everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.

So, I will post what I think are the best qualities of each program (and maybe a drawback):

Affiloblueprint: AB is an awesome step-by-step program that shows you how to build a decent website from the ground up. There's a great message board for members. Lots of work, I mean lots and lots of work to do this one right. The keyword research module however, is not very helpful. This is outweighed by the good quality training; and it is perfect for newbies.

Gsniper2: The best section is on how to properly market your on site articles without actually being too salesy. Unless you find a really obscure niche with lots of searches and almost no competition, you will need to build backlinks.

Rapid Profit Formula: Awesome keyword research methodology. And, very good backlinking strategies.

Currently I'm running 6 websites promoting Clickbank products: 2 using AB, 2 using GSniper2, and 1 using Rapid Profit Formula.

My 6th site is actually the first site I ever built and did it without purchasing a guru program. I just did backlinking based on what I thought my work. Not very much mind you.

Oddly, this is the site that makes me the most money by far....And every site is built around free traffic seo strategies. No paid traffic at all.

I'd be happy to answer any detailed questions about these programs if you are thinking about purchasing...and, I'm not promoting any of them. Just want to pay back if I can.


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    How much money do you make?
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    This belongs in the review section. It may be deleted or moved.


    You are so right ;-)
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