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by smak
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Much appreciated if you guys can share your thoughts OR give feedback generated from personal experience on some of the better Article Marketing software out there that does the job of both submission and spinning.

I am yet undecided but considering one of the following:

UAW - Unique Article Wizard
AMR - Article Marketing Robot
TBS - The Best Spinner

Let's have your opinion now!

Cheers :>
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    Smak - Brad here.

    For what it is worth - the best article marketing program is YOU. The spinning systems leave Google - and the customer - cold.

    Google and the other SEO programs are looking for original and useful content. Spinning the articles has not been responsive to this recent shift in rankings.

    I have listened to Internet Business Mastery dot com and they describe the use of virtual assistants. The Internet Mastery Business podcasts are free on ITunes - check them out.

    As far as virtual assistants, the folks they interview talk about and as two sources for quality writers.

    The podcast interviews also caution about providing clear instruction to the writers and evaluating the quality of the first few products to ensure their work will support and enhance your brand in the market.

    Another program is Yaro Starak's blog mastermind - that program has an entirely different take on articles and blogs.

    Chris Farrell's program is also very useful. He did a piece where he had just interviewed the folks at and confirmed that duplicate content was not a problem.

    Chris also demonstrated in his video that duplicate titles and content may appear on page one of Google as well without penalty to either.

    Hope that is useful information.

    Cheers !
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    Hi Smak, I have been using UAW for about 3 years. Although I don't think it is as good as it used to be it is still an important part of my link building. if you pick the right keywords and use UAW as 1 part of your link building efforts I think you will see good results.

    i have not used Article Marketing Robot so can't comment on that, but I use the Best Spinner to spin my articles for UAW. It takes time to spin an article with TBS so it reads well, but it is not hard to do, just time consuming.

    The two make a good combination.
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