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This ia a product review forum. However, more and more people seem interested in discussing the product sales pages,and the techniques involved, rather than the product itself. As an experiment, I have set up this thread to contain such discussions. Let's see what happens ;-)

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    Great idea Pearson, thanks!

    As it happens, I've been trying to get some feedback on a particular sales page / sales page technique.

    Commission Domination uses one of those sales pages that have just a promo video with very little else on the page. There is no sales copy, buy button, etc.

    I'd be interested to know if anyone has actually tested these sorts of pages - as in a/b testing vs. 'traditional' sales pages.

    I also assume I'm not alone in my dislike of both 'forced' videos, and any sort of 'blind' page. If you were/are a product developer, would a higher conversion justify these kinds of polarizing tactics for you?

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    Haven't tried it and won't be trying it because of one of the biggest red flags I've seen to date.

    When I saw the Passive Paydays sales video, I almost fell out of my chair. I said hey...I recognize that guy.

    You see, the pitch man whose name is Mario Mancini in the Passive Paydays sales video, was going by the name Rick Anthony in the Income Infuser sales video a few months ago. Guess that's the downside to being an actor in Internet Marketing videos these days.

    The secret of your success is found in your daily routine." - John Maxwell

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    I also received an email about this today. I always check the affiliate link and here it says you earn up to to $685.00 per sale!!! Obviously a lot of up sells, sideways sells etc. Not for me.
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    He says that it has nothing to do with traffic.
    Any half intelegent person online knows that it takes realy traffic / kustomers who buy stuff to make money.
    It is nothing for me either:-)

    *** always do what you want to do :-) ***
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    LMFAO!!! That looks like the little man from Jack Ass the show/movie! That is great. Good for him.

    He finally cracked the code to internet riches. Now he doesn't have to take golf ball swings to his balls anymore. HAHAHAHHAHAA

    "Human thoughts have the tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent." Earl Nightingale

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    I smell a scam here. This is the type of thing that hurts our industry. Anyone who says that they aren't the liar you bought the last program from, raises red flags for me. Anyone who uses a bikini-babe to distract from their program, also needs to have his motives examined.

    I am steering clear of this one.
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      I was disturbed from the get-go. I didn't get it from an email, but a FB message that shouldn't have gotten through. The person sending me the message wasn't a friend and shouldn't have even been in my messages lists. Though very clever is getting my attention, this person is not playing by FB rules, a red flag to me right off the bat.
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    Saw the Paydays sales page. . .indeed, bikini-babe is a distraction. :-) Just don't know yet, will check further on the comin reviews. Too early to tell. Would like to see the product if it has something to offer. Who knows, there is always the benefit of the doubt. LOL
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    Ok... can we REALLY take a video that starts with BOOBS in your face, then a dwarf pitchman seriously? Have we risen... er, fallen to this level?


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      I came here because I got a pitch for the same passive paydays from one of my "guru contacts". (Mental note to unsubscribe from that list). Anyway, it seems that not many people take the time to thoroughly examine a product before they try to sell it to you, and as the quality of these launches spiral downwards, there seem to be no end in sight to the madness. Checking these reviews of new launches has got to be one of the best habits I've picked up this year. By the way, the 'babe' is not at the beginning of the video anymore, so I guess the owners read these reviews too!
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    so guys, you who already bought the Plugin:

    The guy in the video says: this is NO traffic sales.

    as I understood, the plugin "finds you" targeted lists.

    So...could you please tell us if it really does that?

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    Originally Posted by raleigh View Post

    Just bought it and trying it out. Seems that its an all-inclusive
    Wordpress theme to help you build
    a targeted list of buyers.

    Have just finished uploading the Xtreme Payday theme into wordpress.

    Let's see what happens.
    ... and I guess we don't need traffic on that site to even get the opt-ins started...
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      Right, no traffic is needed what so ever... it's just a magical plugin Amazing how easier sales are getting with all these new systems and magical tools... soon we will only have to push just one button... or maybe none at all pretty soon.... simply amazing!

      Originally Posted by stabilus View Post

      ... and I guess we don't need traffic on that site to even get the opt-ins started...
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    This is the worse pitch I have ever sat through; anytime someone has to talk
    so fast, and slurs, swallows , their words; fumbles with just pronouncing the words
    correctly, it makes me wonder about the product itself.

    And the video was way to long, at least give a person the chance to cut to the
    chase, and find out the investment involved.

    It's a pass for me ... just to much talking talking talking ...

    I could see a business man throwing this guy out on his ear....

    Right now... This very second... You have everything you need to be successful. You have everything it takes , and more , to become everything you have ever dreamed ; and more than you can ever imagine.
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    I thought the best pitch I've seen recently from the big Clickbank launches was Chronic Commissions.

    It broke away from the norm and kept me hooked till the end with it's unique story.

    James Scholes
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    Everytime those fonts appear on those fancy smooth sales letters, I just don't trust them anymore. After I get to the part with all those fancy clickbank snapshots and a promise of 1-30 clicks to profit, I will just come to the WF and enjoy what others have to say at the forum. I guess I reached this thread too early lol!

    And.... I will go look for the affiliate who sent me that email and unsubscribe from his list.
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    What's funny about the pitch is.

    Sounds like "Kit" from the original "Night Rider" is selling me this thing.

    The other thing is Kit is saying the following.

    "Don't listen to the scam artists trying to sell you TOP SECRET simple push button nonsense. If that's what you are looking for, leave. Now let me tell you about my simple black vault press only a few button simple software."

    This guy should record bed time stories.

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    Trinity is that you?
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    I love anything viral so as soon as I saw this thread I went over to the website but it had one of those video sales letter where it doesn't tell you anything.

    Can anyone give me a brief summary what it's about?


    James Scholes
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    Did you watch the video looks like he shows you what he got and what it can do for you, its a pretty long video also
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    I watched the first 5 minutes then gave up because it looked like a blind video sales letter.

    It's getting late here so I'll watch it tomorrow with fresh eyes then.

    Thanks Isaiah

    James Scholes
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    Originally Posted by Richard Crooke View Post

    For me personally, I am tired of seeing sales videos without showing the product.

    Yeah, I eject fast.

    The person has to have a verified rep or recommendation from another trusted marketer for me to stay watching it.

    Especially the videos thats content is 95%-98% of lecturing people that you are stuck in a job or you need to do things differently and why or your bills are piling up, but no mention of actually what the product is.

    Videos with autoplay and no controls are a pain in the ass and I don't tolerate those except with the same exceptions stated above.

    Its funny, they are preaching about YOU taking control, yet, you have NO control of the content being fed you...., I mean, what if you actually like the video, and want to replay a certain section to clarify what was heard, you have to watch the WHOLE video again, but I guess it works for some people.

    I don't think your customers want to be held hostage, I mean, what if the person gets a phone call or has to go to the bathroom?

    The 13th Warrior
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    I just watched the entire video and it is long. It sounds really good but I guess I'm a bit gun shy on things that sound that good. I already have numerous websites and am not making any money due to lack of traffic. I with the video covered how you can plan on getting traffic to these pre-build sites.
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    I've watched the video, and cant help wondering, if this guy is making this 'phenomenal amount of money' each month like he claims, why on earth does he need to push a product like this? I mean, why would you bother?
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      Originally Posted by Warren Tibbotts View Post

      I've watched the video, and cant help wondering, if this guy is making this 'phenomenal amount of money' each month like he claims, why on earth does he need to push a product like this? I mean, why would you bother?
      This is an common strategy to get people interested in buying the vendors IM/marketing products. The newbies will think like this: "OMG! He/she makes $ ******* with this system! When he/she makes that kind of money with this system, I have to do the same if I buy the product".

      It's an sales strategy Warren.
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