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Backlink Rotator

There are no affiliate links here, or in my signature or any sites I tell you about and I removed the link to my website article so I gain nothing by this review except to share a Review of some software tools that actually work for a change.

The statistics posted here were from approximately September 11 – 14. So in the future they may change. It may be that Google”Catches on” or in other ways makes these gains temporary. For now it is working great.

If you don't believe my statistics you can use any backlinks checker you want and check the backlinks. Doing it on the new site (Bestpopcorn.info) will give you the clearest picture of the power of the plugin. Note that this new site uses Scott Blanchards Clickbump SEO plugin for on page SEO and the FastAttack SEO guide from Warrior Member CraigRC for linking strategies.

Plugin Pro’s
1. It generates backlinks like crazy
It is easy to use
The backlinks are natural in appearance to the search engines
I am having terrific results with growing backlinks
I am Having terrific results with Increased Traffic
I am having terrific results with Increased first page Google Rankings

Plugin Con’s
1. 1. It I believe that it DOES NOT generate permanent backlinks meaning they are there and gone. I could be wrong on this. If I am right then the backlinks may disappear wuicker then traditional hand made permanent links.

2. The rate at which it creates backlinks depends upon how many sites you install the plugin on and allow it to create backlinks for OTHER users…OR…. You can generate them for free by pinging other uses sites earning backlink credits…OR….you can buy backlink credits.

As with all things Google may eventual catch on or decrease the value of these links

Caveate –
1) This plugin IS NOT a cure all for bad on page SEO (use the clickbump SEO plugin or SEOPressor if you need help with this they both work).

2) This Plugin is NOT a cure all for crappy Content. You need good relevant articles that are unique.

3) This Plugin STILL requires you to do good keyword research and use relevant keyword anchor text to get maximum value.

4) This PLUGIN will NOT save you if you do not know and understand your niche

5) This Plugin WILL NOT increase your sales by itself. You still have to have:
  1. 1) Good meta tags so people click on your entry in the SERPS
  2. 2) A website that the user thinks is representative of the type of site the user believes will have the information they are looking for OR they may just leave without reading a word.
  3. 3) Your articles most get the readers to read them.
  4. 4) Your ads must be in a place where they are seen and cause users to click
  5. 5) The sales page must cause them to buy (have what they need at the right price in the right form).
My experience with the Backlink Automator (and the fastattack seo program and clickbunp seo where noted).

I first started using this plugin August 19th. I used it on both a brand new site http://bestpopcorn.info and several existing sites like http://howtocookinoven.com

Here are the results:

Best Wordpress Traffic Plugin on a seasoned and very good site (by my standards) WPThemesDeals.
Now a seasoned site like this has an advantage in that it is well regarded by Google already running from 50 to 100 hits a day averaging around 77. This is quality traffic generated by search to keyword rich articles with good on page SEO.

So it is possible that Google will look at the new back links and treat it better then it would a new site.

Check it out below to see what happened:
1) Yahoo webmaster shows the increase in inbound links from around 1200 on August 20 to over 3000 by Sept 8th .
2) For those of you bad at math that is about 1800 links, a 150% increase in inbound links to this site in about 2.5 weeks. All automated. All already indexed or counted by Yahoo.
3) Traffic for that same period from Google Analytics:
  • · Google analytics shot shows that On August 19th the day I installed the plugin this site had 77 visitors, the next day 55 then 73.
  • · THEN the links started hitting and this site has climbed to consistent 100 - 140 visitors a day.
  • · So what the traffic is up 50 - almost 100% in 2.5 weeks. Happens with every plugin right?
Best Wordpress Traffic Plugin on a BRAND NEW SITE Best Popcorn
Best Popcorn was created from scratch on July 29th.
I created it using:
  1. TheFastAttack SEO method by Craig and
  2. The Clickbump SEO Plugin By Scott Blanchard which did a great job with ON Page SEO and
  3. The Clickbump Engine Theme the site runs on which is Scott Blanchard's creation - this was mostly to try to increase click thru on ads and not traffic.
BUT I did not like the idea of spinning articles or spending countless hours submitting articles for backlinks or many of the other backlinks methods Craig suggested (Sorry Craig)

So I opted to experiment with the Baclink Automator plugin to automatically generate my backlinks both to the main page and to the article pages.

Here are the insane results: (All of these were measured on 9/13/2011 at 2pm central> They will fluctuate day to day even hour to hour as Google just acts like that).

After 3.5 weeks with the plugin (and the fast attack SEO method) this BRAND NEW SITE has TWO #1 ranked Google keyword phrases AND they are for highly competitive terms!

Note that these will fluctuate day to day (For example one number 1 is a 2 today and one number 8 position is a 5 today)

Best Popcorn Currently the #1 spot on Google
22,000 uniques a month,
44,000,000 broad search results in google,
25,000 allintitle search results in google

Popcorn Toppings #2 spot
Chicago Popcorn #5 Spot

In total out of 15 pages of content with 15 related main keyword phrases:
7 are on page 1 of google
4 are on page 2 of Google

YOU CAN VERIFY THIS BY JUST ENTERING THE TERMS IN GOOGLE YOURSELF. (THey are usually the title of the article on the site)

The command for getting the Allintitle results is to enter the following in Google: allintitle:"search Term"

The Best Wordpress Traffic Plugin wrap up
The third site How To Cook In Oven Is an aged site I started in January and it has seen just incredible gains

With Google traffic going from around 70 - 90 visitors a day in the days before and after August 19th to close to 200 a day!

So So far so great.
Time will tell if
  1. gains continue,
  2. stabilize (that is what I expect) or
  3. decrease (sometimes it happens).
#backlinks #rotator
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    Wow, it is quite amazing that more than 1000 backlinks are being indexed in a short period. Where can I get 'backlink automator plugin' ??? And by the way, keyword best popcorn only got 1300 exact global monthly search and it has low competition so you don't need too much backlinks for that keyword. Cheers
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      1) Note that the "Permanent" links part of this plugin has never worked.
      2) but i am still getting plenty of links using the non permanent setting.

      Also How did you come up with only 1300 exact global monthly searches on "Best Popcorn" I just rechecked and I still see 22,000.

      I use the Google keyword tool and I put the keyword in quotes".

      How do you come upw ith exact search volume?
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      • Profile picture of the author MogulManiac
        Thank you for sharing that information! I saw from doing a little research on Market Samurai and going to Majestic that your link count dropped quite a bit in 2 months. Doesn't seem to have a negative affect on your rankings :-). Are there any additional expenses beyond buying the plugin? I saw on the other thread they had to buy credits for permanent links, but do you have to buy for the non permanent links?

        My biggest concern in post Panda, is being de-indexed over a period of time. I have an aged recipe domain that I was thinking of testing this out on, and am about the pull the trigger.

        Thanks again!

        Kyle P.

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