Tweet Adder Vs. MarketMeSuite - Better Solution?

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Been looking into both of these programs/platforms to build a targeted twitter following, in order to drive traffic to my real estate related blog that I am working on launching.

Wanted to hear feedback on them, from folks using it.

Leaning towards MarketMeSuite at the moment.

All advice is appreciated. Thanks.
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    I use tweetadder! to me its the perfect software. It does everything you want when you want it too. Follow,Follow back & Unfollow. You can search for people who tweet the same stuff as your niche, or follow niches with a big twitter following. You can also set it to auto tweet for you through the day. There are endless amount of features on tweetadder.

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    Tweet adder is fantastic. I tried MMS but it was too clunky for my taste. Tweet Adder is much easier to use and you can set up multiple accounts that auto-follow and unfollow all day all night. You can build twitter follow lists pretty quickly by being able to search for followers of a particular user, or users who mentioned a specific keyword. It's well worth the $70 or whatever it is.
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      one of the features of MMS that seemed really appealing is the ability to customize your footer. Where it would say "Via Hootsuite" for example you could make it say "Via WarriorForum" in essence creating backlinks everytime you post to whatever site you choose.

      Is this feature overhyped?
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    I also use tweetadder 3. I think its a very good software fully automated and it gets the job done with limits that will prevent you from getting suspended on twitter.

    I have been using it for about a year now and i use it for all my blogs. Its also a good software to help you in getting ranked in the major search engines.

    Check out my latest Blog which features this program. It also offers a free trail and 20% off discount code. Its the second link in my description. I am not trying to sell you this program just want to show you my review of it.

    With that said i think you should get it whether through my link or others for its a very good software.

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    I'm not sure about this MMS, but I know TweetAdder doesn't compare to Tweet Attacks Pro, both in price and in features.

    Tweet Adder costs almost 200 dollars to use unlimited accounts, when TA Pro is only 127. And that is before you get into any of the other features that TA Pro has and TweetAdder does not.

    A client of mine bought TweetAdder and then saw my link, bought TA Pro and waited 2 weeks for a refund on TweetAdder.. lol and then after seeing my video tutorial, he said that Tweet Attacks does everything TweetAdder does and then more. I tend to believe that. I've watched the TweetAdder videos and looked over their sales page and their features, and even I agree that it probably isn't the best choice when compared to other products.

    I've used Tweet Attacks Pro and their account creator for over a year and a half with amazing results. I highly recommend them. I can't say the same about Tweet Adder, since I've had plenty of unsatisfied owners of TweetAdder for clients, and they all purchased TA Pro from me in the end.

    Then when I ask why they decided to switch to TA Pro, they all complain about the same things with TweetAdder, the main ones being the price and feature comparison. As for MMS, I have never even heard of Market Me Suite.

    So I can't give any input regarding that.
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      Thanks for the Tweet Attacks Pro recommendation.

      I will definately look into it. Can you elaborate more on the features of Tweet Attacks that Tweet Adder does not have, that you love or couldn't live without?
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    I use tweetadder as well and I am happy with the results I am getting. But it is very limited I think when it comes to auto replies and such. I watched a video on tweetattack and if it does what was shown there I would have loved to have bought that instead. Lots of cool features including autoreplies. Tweetadder has helped me grow my accounts very much I will say that.
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    Well.. I would be here for days trying to explain TA Pro.

    It can scrape all followers, no matter if its 10,000 or 2 billion from a competitors account.

    It will generate tweets to them for instant targeted traffic. You can re-tweet attacks for SEO purposes. You can generate your "normal" tweets and engage other users at the same time.

    I would seriously be here forever trying to explain everything it does. So what I will do, is I will un-protect my outdated tutorial (it's only 13 minutes long and doesn't explain every function of every module, like the new one that you get when buying from my link in my sig does, but it should easily demonstrate the power of the software)

    Here is my outdated tutorial. I wasn't sure how to use a couple of features at that point when I made the video, but I've got it down now

    As you can see just from the features that I DID explain, this thing blows TweetAdder away.

    If anyone ever decides to buy, just click my sig. You get a 33 minute HD quality tutorial, plus you can hit me up on Skype with any questions for free in exchange from buying from me.

    Just check the reviews in my thread

    And if that isn't enough to convince you, feel free to message me on Skype with any questions. I'm in eastern time zone so if I don't accept immediately I will get back to you as soon as I get back to the PC.
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      It seems its Windows only, and I mainly use a Mac. Still will consider using it on the wife's computer though
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    Yeah, I hear you can run Windows-based software on a Mac with some virtualization software or something though. I'm not sure since all my computers run on Windows, but it probably can be done.
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    I second TweetAdder, great software.
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    • Listen to @WhothatGuru , i used tweetadder for a while and i found it didnt really work , like i thought it would. i got tweetattacks last week from @WhoThatGuru after reading some threads about it. First off it kills Tweetadder , tweetadder doesnt compare and its more expensive. tweetattacks is probably the best tool out there as far as twitter goes, its takes a bit to get use to but WAYYYYY better then tweetadder, read some other threads , TWEETATTACKS FOR THE WIN, tweet adder im pretty sure is a more expensive knock off of tweet attacks
      i am speaking from genuine experience using both software if you are serious about building twitter followers , then do your research listen to @Whosthatguru read some of his posts he walked me through it

      Fraser Mackie
      Affiliate Manager

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    I actually might quote that into my original post in my thread as a review. Thanks man, I'm glad I was able to help. And a big thanks for the recommendation!
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    I use Tweet adder and I love it.

    It automates everything, it's easy to use and you can run multiple accounts at the same time.

    Oh yeah... The creator constantly updates shows he's committed to it.

    James Scholes
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    I am a tweet attacks pro fan. been using it for a few months and I have not found anything as good. have tried several other products but this one is the bomb. The only drawback is that it is on my laptop and when I turn it off it goes off. However I plan to set up a dedicated computer and just let this puppy do its thing.. Great Product

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