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Anyone heard of this?

Good or bad?

Profit Lance - Make Money Online - The Official Site
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    Its quite detailed , however i feel that it is not the quickest way to make money online.
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      thanks for your response Shevd.

      But you do feel it will work?

      What ways do you belive would be faster?

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        I like profitlance system....

        Nothing is ever instant...but it does explain everything if you watch the videos AND read all the material...

        Definetely worth it!
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        Hello MegaBuff!

        Just my input here for what it's worth, I was reveiwing various programs back in the spring of this year and I purchased Profit Lance around March to see what it was all about as quite a few people were asking about it. I have to tell you that I didn't really have a good review on this one.

        It is indeed very detailed, and has some good information for a newcomer to IM, so much information that it may seem a bit overwhelming to some. I did find quite a few dead links in one particular section of the site, which is never a good sign in any program you sign up for. But the bad part was this.

        In one section of the site there is a place where you are able to direct your customers to sites where they could download products to try. So I tried to download some of the software. In addition to more dead links, many of the programs I was able to download made my virus software sit up and take notice!

        I had this happen about ten times before I stopped downloading software. I sent Profit Lance an email asking what was going on with trojan horse viruses in the downloadable software. I told them I would not very comfortable sending prospective customers to download programs that virus software detected as having Trojan Horse viruses in it. The reply I received from them said "if I wasn't happy with their program that I was free to request a refund".

        Well after about 10 seconds of contemplating that answer, I took them up on their offer and asked for a refund. So to sum it all up:

        1) They do offer quite a bit of information, but may seem a bit overwhelming to some.
        2) They do honor their refund policy.
        3) They evidently don't seem to care that downloads offered from links on their site appear to contain viruses.

        So that was my experience with Profit Lance, for what it's worth. I know that some programs can make your anti virus software jump up and down when it isn't necessary but even if it was a false positive reading on the programs I downloaded:

        a. I sure wouldn't want to send prospective customers to a sight to download something that may or may not contain a virus. Doesn't do much for your credibility.

        b. I wasn't very happy with Profit Lance ignoring my question about the downloads in question and just telling me to ask for a refund if I wasn't happy.

        I do have to say that I have heard many people rave about this program and swear by it. But I can't really recommend it after my experience with them.
        Just my 2 cents...
        Good Luck!

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            well thankyou for taking the time to give that feedbacks guys.

            it was much appreciated.


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            • I am a customer of Profit Lance and planning on becoming an affiliate.

              I am confused about the trojan complaint. I just checked again to make sure and I still remain confused. All of the software recommended is pretty standard stuff, even a cool little "Niche Research Centre." I did come across a broken link for the Article Sender software, but there is also a note: "UPDATE July 2007 - One member has told me she experienced significant delays in getting an article actually submitted."

              I have a very soft spot in my heart for Profit Lance. I started Internet marketing with this program (it's actually an Internet marketing course with several programs) and I still go back to it in once in a while. With all the hype out there, it was refreshing to come across an educational resource that gave me correct information instead of "secrets." The Profit Lance site (it's actually a membership site without recurring fee) gave me a sense of security and direction. Regardless of what I encountered "out there," I knew I could always come to it and look up the real deal. This is absolutely critical for combating newbie burnout.

              I do have one complaint. Profit Lance does not deal much with email list building, hardly at all. But it gives you a good solid grounding in everything else. Compared to much of what I have seen since I started, that's actually saying a lot.

              Sure, there are some weaker parts. But we are talking about a few dishes in the middle of a huge banquet of great food, not simply a fast food meal.

              I personally think the price is a great bargain for all the stuff you get, but mostly for the work of filtering it all (in addition to the mountain of original stuff) and keeping BS out of the learning environment. (There's some hype in the selling, but not once you are in.)

              Know thyself...
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                thanks Micheal.

                Have you actually made any money from it yet?

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                • Megabuff,


                  I should have made more, but I was hard-headed and went chasing after the newbie dream of millions overnight instead of concentrating on the PL blueprints. I intend to go back and finish what I should have finished. That's on my to do list.

                  I am now doing a project that is making money--affiliate sales of product launches. It isn't a Profit Lance project, but I am using the valuable knowledge I learned studying Profit Lance to do it. If I were to go back in time knowing what I now know, I would have finished the PL projects, studied list building and put that into motion, then migrated to product launches. The great thing about IM is that it is so varied I can go back and pick the PL projects back up without loss.

                  But the BIG problem with IM is that it ain't sexy, despite being sold and hyped as if it were. Rinse and repeat successful stuff is the secret. But whaddya do with rinse and repeat in life before IM?


                  Know thyself...
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                    Seriously, it is the BEST course you can find. No frills updated constantly just good solid info. I'm still learning from it. Just buy it it is the BEST 77$ you will spend. And the last (outside of a good list building course) you will spend on this type of courses.
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                      I got it a about 1 1/2years ago. It had a lot of info there to learn from the basics.
                      There is a lot of step by step to go through from the info and takes time to do it.
                      I wanted to become a trillionare overnight so I found the pace too slow for me and wanted something faster. Hindsight I should have stuck through it more.
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                        I noticed it had a high refund rate. Take that for what you will. I know nothing of the program itself.


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                          Hi mojoisland

                          how can you see that it had a high refund rate?

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                          • Originally Posted by megabuff View Post

                            how can you see that it had a high refund rate?

                            You go to the Clickbank marketplace, look up Profit Lance, then check the numbers. But before looking at the numbers, click on the name to go to the sales page and look at the price. In this case it is $77.

                            Now in the numbers you will see a category called:

                            and another called:
                            Total $/sale:

                            and another called:

                            The first is the average net amount of commission affiliates have actually been paid per sale they refer (after refunds, chargebacks, etc.). The second adds recurring sales (like with membership sites), so when that does not exist, it is the same as the first, like it is above. The third is the percentage of the price offered as a commission to affiliates.

                            The numbers for today on Profit Lance are $41.93 for the first, $41.93 for the second and 60.0% for the third.

                            You can work out the figures or go to an online resource like
                            ClickBank Refund Rate Calculator - CbHelper Portal
                            (with a super-annoying popup).

                            According to the above figures, the commission you should earn with no deductions is $42.13, i.e., 60% of $77.00, but the actual one paid is $41.93.

                            There is some math involved, but this comes to an estimated refund rate of less than 1/2 of one percent. That is considered an extremely good rate by any standard. It is very close to zero.

                            I have no idea what data was used for the high refund rate alleged in this thread.

                            Know thyself...
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                              I stand corrected. I can't remember where I read that but thank you correcting me and showing how you figure it out.

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                                hey Micheal

                                yes thanks very much for sharing that.

                                Good stuff! :-)

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                                • Profile picture of the author Daniel Molano
                                  Profit Lance was the first course I purchased and the one that got me into Internet Marketing.

                                  It won't make you rich overnight, but it is a great course to get started with, it goes over most of the basics and you'll have a clear concept of what IM is about after you are done with it.

                                  Use it in combination with the Warrior Forum and maybe the "War Room" to get going.

                                  What I like about it is that you can get a feel of what IM is about since it basically gets you to practice the basic IM principles.

                                  Best of luck,

                                  Daniel Molano
                                  Como Ganar Dinero Por Internet - Spanish Make Money Online Site

                                  Daniel Molano
                                  - LinkedIn Profile
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                                    Thanks to all of the previous contributors to this thread.

                                    As I am a complete newbie I am considering purchasing Profit Lance.

                                    I don't expect the world but what could the expected maximum earnings
                                    be, assuming I studied the course in detail ?

                                    Thanks for your help,

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                              Thanks Michael for your well thought out reply.
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    I tried Profit Lance and made money with it. It was the first thing I tried that actually led me to making money. It's an excellent place for beginners to start in my opinion.

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    What the protgram cost?

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      Originally Posted by yaz8888 View Post

      What the protgram cost?
      It cost $77 one time payment. Bought it last year when it was on special offer just before Christmas. The program is good for beginners wanting to learn internet marketing. There are lots of information for you to learn and just follow the step by step do it yourself guide.
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      broken link on your plr content yazz
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    one of the first things i bought, i think its excellent and prob the only thing i have bought which i havent regretted
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    Thanks guys and girls for your comments. It appears to be a pretty positive response, especially for newbies.

    I will probably give it a go.


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    Having tried both, I prefer the Profitlance course over Wealthy Affiliate. They are both good, but I believe the Profitlance course takes you through it step by step. After all there was a time when I had no idea where to start and had wasted money on things that left this or that out. Then I found Profitlance and committed to doing one module everyday. It takes time, but is worth it. Heck, it even has projects focussing on each area of IM that you can do as well as a scheduler to keep you on track. And for a one time fee you really can't go wrong.
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    Solid product well worth the one time price of 77 dollars for a lifetime membership
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    Looks like profit lance has quite a number of good reviews; shall consider purchasing it. However, does anyone know of a better or similar product for newbies?

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      Originally Posted by hkay View Post

      Looks like profit lance has quite a number of good reviews; shall consider purchasing it. However, does anyone know of a better or similar product for newbies?

      Hi, hkay

      I looked into a lot of different things when I was trying to decide which way to go. PL was one of them. While not bad, I found it a bit lacking in direction. I settled on Wealthy Affiliate mainly because of the extensive and ongoing training available. In addition, WA has a number of very nice tools that you can use. A couple are RapidWriter which used for writing articles and doing key word research all in one place. Another is SiteRubix, which is a very nice website creation tool. WA also provides free domain hosting for members. In reality there is too much to describe in a forum post. WA does charge a recurring fee. The amount depends on whether you sign up for a monthly or yearly membership. Personally, I think it's well worth it. If you're interested, check the links in my sig. The training course was put together by a fellow WA member and is one of the best I've seen. Good luck on your IM journey.

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    I too had looked at profit lance when I got started in IM, but I didn't buy it.
    After reading this thread, it seems as though if I would have, I would be quite a bit further along now.
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    I bought profit Lance a long time ago.. Although there is alot of information in profit lance I found that his "one on one" support to be lacking. I now belong to an affiliate program that is completely free to join..
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  • Ya there is a lot of info included in PL, but it doesn't really tell you the best ways to setup your business, so that you'll be the most profitable.

    I guess what I'm saying is this: Lots of info for the price, kind of lacks in direction.
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    This is an interesting thread... thanks everyone for their posts and insight. Best of luck to everyone.
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    I'd like to check that site out as well. Always willing to learn more. Its been a little while since I've gone back into PL but I always end up learning something new.
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    • Profile picture of the author bryan77
      I have PL and it is a good resource of information but you will have to purchase hosting etc to take advantage of its material.

      If you want to earn some money with very little if any cost you could promote an affiliate product on a social networking site (if they allow affiliate links) or alternatively provide a service and advertise yourself on forums and classified ads eg. write articles for people, type out audio books, provide a voice to convert an ebook into an audio, write a custom ebook etc.
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        The profit lance system was my introduction into the world of making money online which began in september 2008. The biggest complaint I had with this system was that it is definitely geared towards people that had no knowledge of IM and yet there was no support. There is no forum for discussion and even though Mike claims you can email him, he doesn't respond to the emails.

        Mike pretty much just let the site go on auto pilot without updating any of the lessons and he has a blog in which he posts in maybe every few weeks, probably to make you feel as though he is around, but he isn't really.

        A lot of the videos are choppy and the sound quality is poor. If I had to grade it, I would probably give it a C for effort.
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      Originally Posted by MasDineroAMi View Post

      I am new to this site among other things. I am seriously contemplating purchasing this course and have a couple of questions before doing so.

      1) Will I need to spend anymore money outside of purchasing this course?

      2) What would be the very least amount of money that can be made, assuming you make any money?

      I am an unemployed, single mother of 2, literally living from unemployment check to the next (which doesn't even cover my rent) McDonald's isn't even hiring. I'm looking at eviction in the next 2 months and am really concerned with parting from the $77 or more if I have to purchase additional equipment or software to get started.

      I would appreciate any response or advise.
      Ms. Mas Dinero A Mi
      Ms Mas Dinero, Don't spend the $77 on Profit Lance at the moment - use Casey Gentles 'Fast Cash for Newbies' which is free and which leads you step by step through setting up your first enterprise. Save buying Profit Lance for when you have some profits to buy it with - it's really good value, but you can get started for free. Search for Casey Gentles on Google and you will find his blog with a link to his course. Good luck!
      It took me a WHOLE YEAR before I found what worked for me.
      If it hadn't worked I'd have got double my money back!
      Click here for my no B-S review and judge for yourself!
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    I joined this program a long time ago but didnt get anything out of it. I felt his "one on one support" to be lacking
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  • Profile picture of the author Li Weng
    Profit Lance is a very solid course. There a library
    of info and tutorials inside. It's geared more towards
    beginners, so if you're already making a good income
    don't expect that this is something that will bring you
    to the next level.

    The thing is you need to be very disciplined to benefit
    from this course because you need to plan your own
    schedule and work through the mountains of content
    systematically step by step.

    For $87 this is a steal. Definitely grab it if you're a beginner.

    - Insert backlink here -

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    Mas if it was me i'd use this forum like a free course instead of spending that $77 or whatever they are asking now.Profit Lance is a good course but time consuming and my feeling is you can get all the info you need here so save your money. You might look at one of the business in a box programs to get a start and learn as you go from there

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    ask and talk to the members they are here to help.

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    maybe someone could mentor you a bit.there are some pretty intelligent people here don' be afraid to ask
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  • There's been something on my mind recently.

    I roundly endorsed the Profit Lance course on this thread. When I just did a Google search on my name (aren't we hopelessly vain at times? ), my endorsements here on WF come up.

    Profit Lance was supposed to be a "lifetime" membership deal, but it so happens that Profit Lance doesn't exist anymore. Whatever the owner of the membership did in life, he apparently didn't make enough money to pay for the hosting. I currently get this message on trying to access the site: "Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)." The URL is still active (on a Whois search).

    The site been inaccessible for some time now. I noticed this several months ago. No real problem, though. As another poster mentioned, much of the technical information is outdated.

    I have to say I got value out of Profit Lance back when I bought it, and I still harbor a soft spot for the memory since it was my introduction to newbie IM concepts, so I guess it's all cool. I especially remember being blown away by the sales copy, which crawled right into my troubled heart at that time and told me everything was going to be OK.

    But that was a pretty short "lifetime" and I can't endorse it anymore.


    EDIT: I would probably feel better about this if the owner had sent me an email saying the place was closing down--or some kind of announcement. There was nothing. The site just stopped working one day and that's all folks. If you wanted to see it again, the solution was to keep wanting.

    Know thyself...
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