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Does anyone have a review for Auto Traffic X?
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    Yes! Anyone bought it? Reviews, please!

    Another "over-hype" salespage that cannot deliver as claimed?
    I am really annoyed by these type of $$$$$ sales copy.

    I think most of the vendors with outrageous sales page are banking on the fact that not all people ask for a refund, maybe the 80/20 rule. That is, only 20% will ask for the refund meaning they will still make money even if the product sucks.

    The only way to "clean" the IM business is to hit vendors with over-hype sales copy, with 100% refunds if they cannot deliver what they claim.

    Better yet, do not buy such products.
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    Keep your money and get a mentor to show you how it's done, that's the best investment you will ever make in IM.

    Besides paid ads and getting your website optimized, there is no such thing as "auto" anything so I would advise - stop looking and start learning from the successful.

    I can give you some names if you wish, just leave me a message (no not me YET - lol).
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      The sales page changed from a few days ago.

      The sales page now says 67.00. When you click on it...its says also 67.00 monthly.

      I would like to see a review of it as well.

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    From what I have heard auto traffic, auto blogs, auto sites, auto etc only deliver short-term results. So, unless you are willing to setup 100s of sites to make the same money you can make with 1 or 2, it's really not worth it.

    I haven't bought this product, simply because I don't believe in auto anything. This is just some helpful advice, and I think nearly every experienced Warrior will tell you to stay away from auto scams.
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    I have not purchased the product but i do know who created it. He is called "Chris X" and he has the affiliate X site, i think he also did "day job killer" a while back aswell.

    I know this because he lives near me lol
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      I bought Affiliate X and from my experience with it my advice is to stay away from it.
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    I have not purchased the product but i do know who created it. He is called "Chris X" and he has the affiliate X site, i think he also did "day job killer" a while back aswell.

    I know this because he lives near me lol
    Yeah it is Chris X.

    Anyway... Is there any ACTUAL reviews of this?

    James Scholes
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      I have previously bought 2 ChrisX products and promptly refunded both, both incorporated Michael Jones as partner which worsened it more.
      My advice is keep well clear of these two, and unsubscribe from anyone who recommends them as most likely they are only interested in $$, not giving quality advice to their subscribers.
      If enough people do this it might just help to clean up IM.
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    Hi guys,

    I bought the soft ware and tried it out for 3 weeks. It is a web-based software where you just input your Url and choose your traffic source and then you choose if you want to utilize twitter, backlinks, pro-backlinks.

    The site looks like it is still in launch phase - there are some errors in some links and some spelling mistakes on the site.

    You get to choose only from three niches -Weight loss, forex and make money. Yes they are only targeted to this level. So really, the traffic is not targeted at all. It does not allow you to target sub-niches.

    The twitter function is not working - it keeps saying my account does not exist, although it does.

    Now for the traffic itself. The traffic are sent to you with different number on different days. On some days, i get 30, on others, I get 300. Total traffic in three weeks 2455. The question is whether these are real traffic at all? I received not a single opt-in or sale from these 2455 "unique visitors?" I tested it on several sites I have, and all have received no opt-in or sales. The dangerous thing is, from google's perspective they are all sent from one referral - autotrafficx.

    Backlinks are not targeted and not from High PR - so far I got 2 PR 0 links, although the stats from autotraffic dashboard says I have received 92 backlinks and 9 pro-backlinks.

    The training sections are very basic to IM. Teaches you how to sign up for clickbank etc.. nothing revolutionary, or no great traffic tips. nothing special.

    The free website option that they say is given to you upon purchase is just basically a wordpress blog with some pre-loaded content (not unique content), that is of no value.

    I asked for my money backed. Got my refund from clickbank. By the way, even after you suspend your subscription, traffic still keeps getting sent to you - it tells you that these are worthless traffic. Still got not a single sale or opt in from this traffic though and have since turned off the traffic - yes you can still log in to your account after refund (I am not cheating - I did it because I wanted the traffic to stop!)

    In short - stay away and don't believe the hype. Hope this help.
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    Thanks, looks like GARBAGE just like the marketer himself!
    Targeted Viewers! All your traffic needs in one spot. Get seen today!
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    Hello, I'm Robert, first-timer. I had purchased Auto-Traffic X in April. Even though they claim floods of traffic I received a total of 4 visitors for the 30 days I paid $67. monthly. When I asked support about this I received no reply, but plenty of excuses. They rebiled in May and I received another 1 visitor and no backlinks for the entire 2 months. Thank God I got a refund asap. That was the good that came about AutoTraffic X
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      I have purchased it from a site that had a sale $21. Can't beat that! However after my payment I have not received the login information to the site.

      I got a ZIP file with Software:
      • 1. Mass Article Creator - clicked through it, didn't work, buttons clicked didn't do anything, might be my PC I don't know, but I will not be checking it again.
      • 2. Mass Article Submitter - you have to manually register accounts with all article submission sites (20 sites in the list) At least UD does all registering for you, that could be VERY time comsuming
      • 3. Traffic Accumulator - Bookmarking, article post, rss post, blog commenting, syndication, keyword competition research.

      After sending an email asking for the login, i received a reply pointing me to the Guide, which I have read beforehand, and it mentions nothing about the site, everything is software/desktop/PC based...

      False advertising, since the site says and shows you exactly what to do: enter URL, pick audience, and click start, and THEY send you visitors...
      And in reality all you get is a software package. I'm not doging the software; I'm sure it could be useful for someone. However if you know how to research keywords, judge your competition, and submit articles, rss, links, or have a different tool for the job (like me Ultimate Deamon and Market Samurai), then the package will just collect virtual dust...
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