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I am very soon in the situation that I'd need some sort of Ad Serving software (simply hosting my banners, and rotating them). I've been in touch with some dozens of bloggers whom agreed to put my ads up (mostly young people blogging about their daily lives). They've agreed to put up my ads on their site for a very reasonable sum, but of course, they are young, in school, and doesn't want to be bothered with ad serving...

So, it's me who'll have to serve the ads. Are there any recommendations for which software to choose? It should come at a reasonable price.

Open AdStream
DoubleClick for Publisher
DoubleClick Enterprise
Smart AdServer
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    why don;t you buy hosting and a software for it
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    I am a SaaS person to the bone. I don't want the responsibility for it if it gets messed up. But buying consulting services from someone who could do the hosting for me could be an option.

    Here's some more:
    SiteScout Ad Server
    DFP Small Business (looks good, same as above, only "Small Business") - FAQ - Pricing
    Ad Server | Ad Serving | Ad Servers | Banner Management ?
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    Here's another one: OIOpublisher Ad Manager - Control Your Ad Space
    I' appreciate input on which tools would be best fit to solve my problem (serving my ads on a dozen of blogs, and rotating them).
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    Say I went for a hosted solution instead of SaaS. If I have an display ad which is 0,05 MB large, and it would be displayed 70.000 times per day. If I went for HG, which VPN would I need to host it?

    VPS Hosting | Linux VPS Servers with cPanel from HostGator

    Would I need a VPN, or would a cheaper plan work out alright?
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    Keep in mind guys, that your not necessarily stuck with one. While OPENX is a tight framework, you can actually set thresholds to server Adwords be default until it reaches a certain FLOOR price set by you then you can server Ads from the OPEN X Exchange. OpenX does a great job on maximizing revenue with tons of algortyhms and metrics.

    Or if I have things correct, I am going to get the best of ALL Worlds and get OIO AD Manager and drop in the Javascript code in that Engine to server all 3 ads. OIO lets you server ads via php or javascript. In the forums he discusses helping someone to do this who is having a problem. So rock on.

    But be warned OPENX is a beoooch to configure with all their crazy zones and such.
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