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I have been using Linkvana for a while now with excellent results. However it is a little expensive.

1waylinks.net seems to offer the same sort of service for a much lower cost. Is 1waylinks.net as good as Linkvana ?
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    Haven't used Linkvana, but 1waylinks is a tool I use.

    They have strict rules in place, which is actually excellent - avoids compromising the network. I recommend them - the more the merrier...
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      It seems like to use 1waylinks you have to have a blog that others can post on aswell? So thier content with links will be published on the blog you select? That's hardly 1 way links.

      But i might have misunderstood the sales page.
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    Yes you have to add one blog to the network. It consists now of over 1,100 blogs - and so those posts on "your" blog are extremely unlikely to link back to *your* site.
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      Was thinking of joining but was wondering whether the links just go to your blog in the 1 way link network or can you direct those links to other blogs or websites.

      Can you also get deep linking links ie, not just to home page.

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    The articles with the backlinks, as I said above, seem to go randomly to ALL blogs in the network. And you can link back to any page you like on your site(s).

    Edit: this is a direct quote from the sales page...

    The blogs that will link to yours are located all over the globe, on a very diverse variety of IP and Class C addresses.
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      I use 1wl as well, works very well.

      You basically write articles or posts at least 200 words long and you can have 3 links in there to ANY website you choose (bar some content restrictions of course). Even affiliate links or whatever links you want.

      You need to create the articles/posts though or have it outsourced but you can then enter any 3 links with anchor text. No more need for bio box or author with just one link.

      The blog you submit and that is your entry ticket (apart from the price) is the one that is posted to by the OTHER members of 1wl. It is not the blog that you have to submit to the system that you use in your blog posts. You can link to any site in your posts, not neceseraly the blog you have in the system...

      Whats nice is you can spin content also, very nice feature, I use it all the time...
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    Sounds interesting, thanks for the input. I might give it a try sometime
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