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I just stumbeled upon that site, this is offering very cheap expired domain traffic packages - just like 5000 visitors for $6.

I think I will give it a try, but would like to know has anybody experience with this service or some other expired domain traffic provider.

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    I'd bet a lot of money those guys use black hat methods. If you want traffic in the future stay away from them, you'll get kicked out of Google's search results if you're caught using black hat SEO.
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    There certainly are legit parked page traffic sources, I image how well the ads get matched to the url expected traffic is a big factor, they may only get keyword domains properly matched, ideally they would parse the wayback archives to identify the domain's recent subject matter.

    Here's one brief review:

    I ordered traffic and I can see some visitors on my stats but I didn't got any results from all the 10,000 visitors. seems the visitors are not quality.

    I trust you will be reporting back to use, I ran across one 2 month old coupon code for them: QT20

    I see it was offered on Flippa in July 2010 so it may have new management and different results.

    “An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field” Niels Bohr

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    I've learned that everything is best if you just let things naturally grow. Let the schemes go and just work hard.

    Google's panda ate my first born.

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    There are sites that you can get the same traffic free. You basically exchange visits, you visit other sites, get points in exchange and use the points to get visits to your website. I've tried a few but the results weren't great, it's like empty traffic..
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    Cheap traffic WILL be crap, otherwise noone would sell it.

    And even if the traffic is not that bad, the network will most likely copy your campaign if you are buying a lot of traffic from them.
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    I'm all for manual traffic dude.

    This type of stuff is usually always junk. I've spent a lot of money to test out cheap traffic and like Shunks says, it was complete crap and a waste of my time.

    Build traffic manually by using forums, yahoo answers, social networks and so forth and be real.

    My name is Justin Lewis. My digital marketing company has been in business for over 10 years with multiple six-figure years. We do provide a premium web design service.

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