Any NetProSoft. . .Website Automation Center. . . Ebizac Users?

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Does anybody use Kavi's Ebizac aka Website Automation Center aka NetProSoft? I notice the reasonable pricing, and I'm seeing NetProSoft autoresponder messages show up in my Inbox instead of the Junk Mail folder. Is this service the good deal it promises to be?

I'd love to know. . .

**Do the servers stay up?
**Do the email autoresponder messages get dilivered to the in-box and opened as much as aWeber messages?
**Does the affiliate system track accurately? Do affiliates trust the system and do trustworthy marketers use it?
**Are downloads protected?
**Does the system included automatic password lookup/Lost Password? feature?
**Does the system provide easy lookup for lost/undlelivered productsA?
**Does the system get hacked frequently?
**Does the customer support respond fairly quickly?
**Does the system run fast enough?


Mary Greene
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