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by GlenH
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HI Guys,

I might be a bit early to post this question, but I'll do it anyway.

If you are a Clickbank vendor you would now know that CB has finally introduced the ability to design your own 'custom order form'.

Now obviously 'how' these custom order forms are designed will potentially have a big impact on conversions.

So my question is ...what makes a 'good' design and what is a 'poor design for these order form pages

And, has anyone come across a custom CB order page yet?

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    I think they've had it beta for a while now as I've seen quite alot of them over the past few months.

    What I "think" would be a good design for your order page is where the graphics match your sales page... So to make it feel like you're still on the same site.

    This is all theory of course but it makes sense when you think about it.

    ...Gonna have a play around with it when I get time anyway so I'll keep you posted.

    James Scholes
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      Maybe a little bit late on the reply, but might be useful for someone in the future.

      So, a good clickbank or any other checkout's custom header would be:

      1) Like said above, one that matches your sales page so that the customer 'thinks' that he is still 'on' your site, so definitely better for conversions.

      2) Apart from the above point, one that touches on some of the final doubts on the customer's mind, like assuring that this page is ssl secured, or that you get instant download of the item, or that you are guaranteed for 60 days, etc.

      3) Definitely use a face! Customers are pretty happy when they buy from people, so be sure to include a happy pic of yourself in the header.

      4) Test test test! Try between different headers, I have had great success in some niches where I have just had the product name, general theme of the sales page, BUT a testimonial on one side, kinda re-enforces the customer into buying mode!

      5) Also had good success with dark backgrounds that concentrate focus on the main center payment area. But, be prepared to test, may not work in some niches.

      6) Finally, don't flinch on hiring a good designer! One or two sales, and you should earn the cost back!

      All the best!

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