Anytbody Use Or Review Artisteer?

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I seen this today:

Artisteer Web Designer - Product Intro

Wondering if its as easy as the video?

Im wanting to design my own blog template instead of A) buying a custom made one or B) using the tacky free ones with the links down the bottom.

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    I've been using artisteer for about a year.
    The template for the psychic site in my sig was designed with it.

    My personal view is that purchasing Artisteer was the best thing I could have done. Creating website templates takes only a few minutes, maybe half an hour if I get fussy. Has saved me hundreds of hours already.

    Easy intuitive interface (wysiwyg).
    Plenty of color themes to choose from.
    Makes templates for cms or straight html.
    Suggestion mode for all elements of a template.
    Hover over options to see the entire template adopt that option as a preview.
    Support is quick to respond and helpful.

    Slows down after long periods of use - I assume because it is storing every change you make in memory.
    CMS templates produced may not work when the cms version is upgraded, but not a big concern because they've always produced an artisteer upgrade within days of cms changes.
    Includes jquery into every templete even if it isn't required

    Hope that helps. Overall the power of this tool outweighs the minor cons it may have.
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    It's a nice software - but I decided to drop it, instead i use themes like woothemes, heatmap and other premium designed themes.

    But you can use artisteer for simple blogs.
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    Artisteer is awesome. You can do so much with it.
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