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I hope this isn't seen as a bash. I'm not FLAMING anyone here. This is my honest review of a product and I think the product is less than honest about what it does and I'm hoping for some feedback on my feedback.

I'm actually hoping, more so, that someone can clarify a few points. I would prefer it if it were someone not selling this plugin.

About a week ago I purchased this plugin with good expectations of what it can do. I realize that expecting to see results in a week is truly not enough time but something about this plugin was bothering me.

When Adding my link I decided to select "Submit As Permanent Link?" as I know or assumed that would be the best option. Sure they cost more credits but it's permanent, right? Over the last few days I watched the plugin build backlinks. I had some concerns about it as I soon realized that it would still use my credits without making the link permanent. Still, I figured "no big deal" as long as I can get some permanent backlinks out of it, it's a worth while purchase.

I watched my permanent link list grow and was quite happy with the results. Tonight, I put more credits in the system and decided to check some of my links on the permanent backlinks list.

To my enjoyment, they were there. "AWESOME" I said out loud as my girlfriend looked at me in a strange way.

I noticed my credits were getting swallowed up quite fast and I read the warning that often showed up which says "WARNING - Your Links Not Showing". "Oh no!" I thought... but my links are permanent, right? No big deal. I decide to start lurking on quite a few of the URLs I checked earlier to make sure my permanent backlink, which takes extra credits to build, would still show up... and they didn't.

I was being rotated out of every site where I supposedly had permanent backlinks. I am very unhappy with this. Very unhappy. Maybe I didn't read the fine print?

All this plugin does is generate a cash cow for it's creator. In order to continuously have your backlink show up you HAVE to keep credits in your account, regardless of if you selected permanent or not. This is a given, with the nature of this plugin. But what's the point of selecting "permanent" if it still requires constant credits.

Perhaps this is an unintentional flaw that the programmer plans to fix in later releases? I don't know.. what I do know is that this plugin seems to be very VERY misleading. I realize that if EVERYONE selected permanent then there'd be nearly no room for other links but then this plugin shouldnt be called backlinks rotator, or should be called something like link on a site at random times as long as you have credits.
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    Im actually having the exact same issue
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      Hi I wrote the other review on this. I am going to update it as the permanent backlinks have never worked.

      BUT that has not been an issue for me as the regular links work find and I have built thousands of links with this automatically.

      One important note is that you don't have to buy more credits for links if you install the plugin and akkow links to be displayed on your site. You will build credits everytime a page displays the links for someone else.
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    Not sure if this helps, but the creator Rod Moore has now
    sold Backlinks Rotator. I know nothing of the new owner.
    Not even his/her name.
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    In my case, Backlinks Rotator actually stopped working for me once my credits ran out, and it would no longer rotate links. Shortly thereafter, I found that sites on which BR was installed would no longer display in a browser. Once I deactivated BR, all site resolution problems vanished and all sites came back up. Since then, I no longer use BR, and to tell you the truth, I haven't noticed any change in serps or traffic before or after BR.

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    i'm supposed to use BR as a premium plus. good thing I checked for feedback before installing it on my site. I really don't know why there are credits needed for this to work. .but anyhow, till such time I see good reviews I dont want to install it
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    I hope this isn't seen as a bash. I'm not FLAMING anyone here.
    As soon as I read that, I knew it wasn't gonna bode well...

    James Scholes
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      I purchased the Premium version a while ago.It chewed up the credits
      really quickly.Although the links showed up pretty fast they disappeared
      fast too.I know that they weren't permanent links,but thought that they should have lasted longer.I didn't notice any significant SERP increase.

      Wasn't prepared to keep buying up credits,so I uninstalled it.
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        Many thanks for all warriors who had posted BR reviews here.
        I plan to give this plugin a try and am about to purchase it.
        For a $97, I thought my money would be good for other better options.

        no sigs at the moment :)

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    I have begun removing Backlinks Rotator Premium from all my sites.

    1. You often get MULTIPLE copies of the same link showing up.
    Up to 10 of the exact same link in one list.

    2. Also, there is no quality control over content. Recently I've seen a
    lot of UNWANTED LINKS appearing... various nude women sites, for
    example, and sites in foreign languages.

    3. Plus I've recently been reading that sidebar links are of little value
    SEO-wise in Google these days. In-text is what they want now.
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    Anyone know what happened to BR? It seems to have vanished.
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