Automated Traffic Secrets with Auto Profit Panel

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Latly there has been a couple of scam products:
- Private Traffic Program
- Private Traffic Solution
- Secret Traffic Solution

All promise $300.000-500.000 with a click of a button

(Try searching for Private Traffic Program, Private Traffic Solution or Secret Traffic Solution here in Warriorforum or in Google...)

A new one is just launched with webinar promotion (as the others were) and this one is called "Automated Traffic Secrets" and in there they promote a software called "Auto Profit Panel". Stay away, as this is a scam!

The scamers have changed the layout a bit. So Automated Traffic Secrets does not look like Private Traffic Program, Private Traffic Solution or Secret Traffic Solution. But it's the same crap, different wrapping.

The webinar attendees are also shown how to make money live. Just as with all the other scam programs. After just 15 min or so the presenter showed the results of almost $300 from just clicking his software once. lol.. (the results are not fake in the clickbank account BUT the trick is that there is an other guy behind the scene sitting and ordering like crazy from an affiliate link so the sales will show live.)

Invites for Automated Traffic Secrets is sent from Bill Jordan and, but the speaker was named James Harvey. But I'm not to sure that was his real name. I'm pretty certain I have heard that voice before.. I think it was Michael Jones.., you know the creator of several internet marketing products ("Crack The Adwords Code", "The Clickbank Code', and "The Ebay Code" as well as "Torrential Traffic Tactics"), but I'm not 100% sure... but like 98%. It sounded very much like him. I also went to one of Michael Jones 's sites and listened to one of his opt-in videos and sure enough, it's sounds very much like the guy on the webinar... so as I said... I'm 98% sure Michael Jones called him self James Harvey on the webinar.

So it looks like this time the scamers behind Private Traffic Program and Secret Traffic Solution has persuaded an internet marketing Guru to fool the audience... The guru probably doesn't even know it yet either.

Last time the scamers managed to persuade Matt Bacak and Rob Benwell to do massive mailings for them and promote the webinar...

What a terrible way to totally destroy your name and reputation ... and your list! lol ... I feel sorry for them.

So be advised about this new Automated Traffic Secrets with Auto Profit Panel. Stay away!

Take care.
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