Job Crusher Or Jamie Lewis

by timber
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With respect to both programs and all those involved with those training programs, I was hoping to get a feel as to which one is right for my style and current level.

Currently, I have a few sites that are ranking, but mostly on the second page for their target keywords. I am looking for a training system that will help me push through to the next level and stop worrying about how much I'm going to spend on products and expenses, and how much I can expect to earn from a product.

I have heard a lot of Jamie and his webinar's, and I am interested in hearing more, but I also want to hear more of what the Job Crusher system is, what it involves and how it works? Videos? Webinars? PDF packages? Stuff like that.

I know the only real way to get an idea of which one will fit better with me will be to actually take the plunge and try each one out, I just cant' decide which one to try first.

I'm sure they both terrific programs that can generate excellent results, and I truly respect both programs and wish I could take both.
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