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I want to know if is worth to buy service on adblasttheworld site or is just another scam?
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    If you mean adblasttheworld.com then I would say that it doesn't seem to be a scam but don't expect the highst quality for that price.


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      I know someone who uses this service. He said that he got some success with it but its how you approach the leads. He basically used the leads to drive them to another optin page that gave away free info, without trying to sell anything. he built a list this way with people who were atleast willing to take a look at this site then he worked them from there.
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        I've used ABTW and I like it. I pulled in about 250 double optins in about 5 days (sorry, can't remember exactly as this was just a test)

        Signed up for the premium service and hitting that 1mill people really does work.

        What I did was work directly with Sean to improve the program functionality and presentation before I offered it to my list.

        The bottom line is if you try to sell stuff directly to them you'll get slapped. You have to nurture the leads and warm them to the idea of you BEFORE you ask for a sale.

        It's also something you'll have to do every day. It won't grow your list by billions over night, you have to keep it up time after time after time.
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    when was the last time anyone logged into their member account and was able to do anything with this service? I just tried to get an account and all i get it seems are dead pages as if this site is no longer active. Im also getting no response from support. Please tell me im wrong.
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      Originally Posted by matjaz73 View Post

      I want to know if is worth to buy service on adblasttheworld site or is just another scam?
      Originally Posted by dageniusmarketer View Post

      when was the last time anyone logged into their member account and was able to do anything with this service? I just tried to get an account and all i get it seems are dead pages as if this site is no longer active. Im also getting no response from support. Please tell me I'm wrong.
      You're not wrong. The previous post saying he makes a million hits probably works for the company. Telling the same crap as the website.
      Spread the word. Don;t let them continue their con!
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    yeah seems like they are gone for good.. could not reach them either
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    This site is a con. There is nothing available which is of use, just offers layered on top of free trail subscriptions. I ordered this because they offered a money back guarantee. But, when I asked for my money back then said I was only entitled to half? I complained, and they just recycled the email responses. I asked for head office, and they only deal with email.
    In the end, I did not get a cent back because I complained to Paypal. I guess they were NEVER going to give a refund in any event.
    They say they offer a satisfaction guarantee. What a joke. I paid 38USD for being a member, and there is nothing I got for it. I hate the fact that I got scammed, and that MY money is now in the hands of a dirty crook.
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    Hi guys...

    I've been involved with co reg leads for many years now. I've purchased leads from every leads company out there, such as Key2Net, National-Leads and have been a member of AdBlast for over 6 months now.

    What I have learned about each of these companies, is that the quality of leads are what you should expect for the price they are sold at i.e - 50K for like $50.

    And I must say I do see results from each providers leads. (Out of 50K leads I get very similar results to user "JonnyAndrews" - approx 200-400 double opt-ins to my personal list) So if you aren't getting results from their leads I wouldn't jump the gun and blame the leads as being "unresponsive" or worse, blaming the lead providers.

    You have to remember - these are co reg leads; they require a certain degree of "skill" in order to attain effective results. Like user "2BWealthy" said, its all about how you appoach the leads, what you offer, and getting them onto your personal double opt in list - it's not about selling straight of the bat.

    But staying on topic...ad blast the world: This is the only company that I have found that actually teaches you how to use co reg leads "the right way". Other companies sell you leads and give you no direction at all. This company has a "blue print" manual on how to use the leads, what software or autoresponders to use, how to "clean" your lists and even how to stay spam compliant.

    The majority of stuff I already knew, as I've been building my list for many years now, but if you're a newbie then this is the best company (in my opinion) to start with - and I really recommend downloading their free guide.

    Oh, and I have never had a problem with support either - simply open a ticket or chat away to them on skype. Some of their "backend" pages in my account would not work in FF. So I use MI 6 with nps. I think they resolved their FF issues though.

    As for their premium service Haron...I honestly cannot comment on it, as I do not use solo ad blasters. I like handling the leads myself. Sorry I couldn't be of more help in that area.

    I actually just purchased adblasts new product: 5,000 double opt in leads for $900+... I have to say the quality is awesome. They actually build your list for you...targeted to your website/product/service, using your logo and description. Leads are 24 hours old and sent daily until your order is reached. Everyday I just download my leads and simply drop them into my autoresponder sequence, which I got from ProAutoResponse. I don't need to convert them to my personal list, as the leads were built specifically for me and only sent to me (which saves a lot of time).

    Technique I use:
    I just hit with some free content related to my niche, and in the 3rd/4th email hit them with a "soft sell" or an "OTO". Results are very good and my lists is building much rapidly now.

    I hope this post helps everyone, and if anyone has questions about co reg I'm your guy! (co reg geek) Oh and user "L W"...they don't sell a "$38 product" and actually, these companies don't have a "money back guarantee" - once you buy a list that's it...sale is final...you can't return leads as far as I know. Sure you have the right site?
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    I was curious about the site and all of the negative publicity in this thread so I emailed their support and got a response back within 12 hours of posting.

    I have paid as much as $1,000 for 100K leads about 4 years ago so for the price, this appears to be a half way decent deal. It is worth a shot to me, I'll probably get the 1,000,000 and maybe split the cost with a few other marketers.

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