what is the best SEO automation tools?

by etreet
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I know there are many now, like as SeNuke or Brutalforce EV2 or some other new tools? Which is the best SEO automation tools ,powerful but still safe from being banned by google
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    you can sign up for onlywire.com, or ping.fm. Those are two amazing free social bookmarking sites, that will help to syndicate your content to dozens of social bookmarking and social networking services at once. Hope this helps. If you have any further questions, please let me know how I may be of service in helping :-)
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    Here are some free tools that you can check out.

    #1. SocialAdr

    SocialAdr is one of the best bookmarking services available on the market. It has a simple system that every member has to bookmark other member's URL in his or her social account to get credit. Each credit means that there will be one of his or her URL that is bookmarked by other member. The system using the power of several major social bookmark site like Delicious and Jumptags for example.

    #2. IMAutomator

    In IMAutomator, each of our URL will be bookmarked to 15 social bookmark account
    belonging to IMAutomator. There is a drip system here, which we can decide how long our URL will be bookmarked, all link in one day, 15 days (one link per day) atau 45 days (one link every few days).

    #3. SocialMonkee

    Here, every URL will be automatically submitted to 100 social bookmark account. Similar to IMAutomator, we also can choose to drip the submit process.

    #4. IMT Website Submitter

    It is very good to be used to "force" search engine to index our brand new website. This free service submits your website/blog to 2500+ websites ("who is", "about us", "website statistic", type of services).

    #5. IMT RSS Submitter

    This tool will submit your RSS Feed to my private network of RSS Directories/Aggregators, then it will ping each created page to 33
    ping services*, which will result in many backlinks towards your URLs (web pages, blog posts, backlinks, etc.).

    #6. IMT Directory Submitter

    This tool will help you submit your Website to 1647 directories fast and easy!

    #7. RSS Submit

    Free tool for automatically submitting RSS feeds, it is the quickest and most reliable way to submit to the around 25 RSS search engines.

    #8. Free Traffic System

    Article submission service to private blog network like UAW/MAN/SEO Linkvine, etc. The difference is that they also provide free service. For free version, each article submitted will be sent to 30 blog in their blog network.

    #9. 247Backlinks

    Just signup and you'll get 1000 backlinks absolutely free. There are two types of backlinks provided, forum backlink and blog comment backlink.

    #10. Only Wire

    One Button. Publish Everywhere. Send your message to the web's top social networks with the click of a button.

    #11. Ping.fm

    Ping.fm is a simple and free service that makes updating your social networks easy. There are approximately 45 social network that are available to update all in the same time using Ping.fm. Other benefit, there are many WordPress plugin able to automatically submit articles that are just published to Ping.fm, therefore, the 45 other social network at the same time.
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    SENuke X is your RollsRoyce of SEO Automation... Cost ya a pretty penny though.

    James Scholes
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    I agree w. James, but must admit the few months that I used SEnuke had me watchin my backside for google slaps. Since then I've adopted a way more soft approach to automation but one that's been effective nonetheless.

    It involves me combining two automation tools:

    * Social Bookmarking Demon
    * Article Marketing Robot (I absolutely love this one!)

    The cool thing about these is that they both provide just as much oomph as a monthly SEO automation tool, but you only pay one time for them. Go figure...right.

    "Everything you can imagine is real." – Pablo Picasso

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    Senukex is the best tool.

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      Originally Posted by Rukshan View Post

      Senukex is the best tool.
      Possibly but for $147 per month I think there are better value tools out there such as magic submitter and others.
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    Scrapebox, Proxy Storm, Market Samurai, Niche Finder, Magic Submitter, Article Marketing Robot.
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  • I have a good one on my Blog.
    In the last week I have shot up 300,000 in my Alexa Ranking. Working very well.
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    Scrapebox and Senukex are the best SEO Automation tools.
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    I agree Onlywire and Ping.fm are good ones. It takes a while to get all the accounts set up, but once you do, it will save a lot of time. You can also add Onlywire on as a free plugin, so when you make a post it will automatically post to the social sites.
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    Senuke is a pretty powerful tool . You will need to spend time learning how to use it though.
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