Studio Fold - educational center for up and coming artists.

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Studio Fold is an educational directory for music and visual arts. All the latest techniques for beginners and professionals as well.

The idea
A few weeks ago I was browsing the web and I got an idea. Why not start a internet based community and give some education about the three golden art platforms: Graphic Design, music and Painting/Drawing? That idea started to develop and now it has become a reality.

The whole concept is meant to inspire and educate musician and artists to success. By each tutorial the goal isn't to help you get the exact outcome as the writer made it, the goal is to help you to think creative and use the techniques that we teach to create your own masterpiece.

How it works
Well now that you know why Studio Fold exists, you are probably wondering how it works. That question is easily answered.

Each and every week we will update you with the latest articles, tutorials and reviews related to our subject - music, art and graphic design. So that will be a lot of interesting material for you to check out during the week.

What can you do to help?
If you want to help Studio Fold to grow - there are few ways for you. Start by being a loyal reader and tell your friends and family to come and stop by. Vote for us on Digg or leave a comment. And if you are interested in promoting or advertising yourself on our prestige website - don't hesitate contacting us.
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