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Hello to everyone.

If someone has bought for Auto Traffic System X? You know what this is?

Thank you all for your suggestions.
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    I received also an email but they don't show nada in their movie. smell like SCAM
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    Just been over to their site and I clicked on the order button but it takes you to Paypal and it says

    Return to Dotcom Internet Marketing

    At this time, we are unable to process your request. Please return to Dotcom Internet Marketing and try another option."

    Anyone getting the same problem?

    James Scholes
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    Auto traffic system X didnot not work propelry for me .Always shows different errors during submission to article site. Some integrated article sites are not even exist. I just wasted my money purchasing it as I could not submit a single article.It would have a good software if those errors were eliminated .
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    I've bought it and can say there's many other free traffic methods that work much better.
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