What is the best spinner : MultiSpinner or TheBestSpinner or SpinChimp ?

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I prefer MultiSpinner
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    I've only used The Best Spinner but saying that, I can fully recommend it.

    James Scholes
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    I use Multispinner

    And so far it's doing well.
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    I have tried 3 or 4 different spinners, and always go back to The Best Spinner. It really does live up to its name.
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      I have check all but MultiSpinner is best................

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        I have only used The Best Spinner and it does the job well. Not sure about the others. Maybe we should consider the different in price since they are similar products.
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    I've used TBS and Spinchimp and SpinChimp wins hands down. What I've noticed, TBS just adapts the features of SC into it quickly after SC releases an update. SC is better imo.
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    I love your Thread typo...



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    The Best Spinner lives up to its name. Number one in my book. I have used it for a year now and can't begin to tell you how many times its been upgraded.
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      They are all excellent spinners. It basically boils down to individual preferences.
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    I still think, five great written articles are better for seo than 2000 spun articles any day.
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    Hustlin, you're right IF you mean they were made with the auto function. Spin Chimp is the best at this but you'll still need to edit. Best way to spin is rewrite paragraph/sentence/word. You'll get the most uniqueness and it will be completely readable. I highly recommend Dragon Naturally Speaking in any case, regardless of what spinner you use.
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    Wow this multi spinner is a quite unoriginal. Fair enough they've used the concepts of quick and rapid spin, but they didn't even change the names! Even their terms of service are a copy of SpinChimp's with the name changed.

    SpinChimp Basic is free and does everything MultiSpinner does. Just sayin'
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    Spinchimp is free and have had no problems at all with it so I think it is best
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    Spin Chimp Pro is the best in my opinion. And I've tried/used a great many of the spinner's out there. It works, and the UI is something I like.
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    After playing little bit with MultiSpinner .It's interface is very unique and i like using it because manual spinning inside it is the best
    JimmyR, it seems you are wrong and Spinchimp pro ( I have tried it for 3 days . ) is very good but not as good as MultiSpinner
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    I guess i have to take a look at Spinchimp and Multispinner, although i am puzzled that Spinnerchief is not in the list.
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