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Just been mailed this... Anyone tried it?

James Scholes
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    It's been out for a couple of days. I am considering trying it just to see what the method is all about. I've never tried any of his stuff before, though. If I do decide to buy, I'll come back and give it a thumb's up or thumb's down.



    I've decided I am going to go ahead and do a review for this and post it on my blog. I'll be back with my decision in a bit.

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      This guy really likes to talk, show me something besides two different sentences flashed and jerked around the way I feel I'm being jerked around.
      A bullet point outline with some sort of documented application would be helpful.
      Well, if you get motion sick, do not watch the screen during presentation.
      I guess this method simplifies the show for the presenter but OHHH its tough to take.
      I wish there was another take on this, anyone know of another sales page for this?
      I guess this is what blind IM feel like when absorbing new products, NO crack on people with lack of vision/sight.
      I kept going back while writing this and its always the same, ESHHHHHHHH!
      Oh ya, there are #'s in the upper right corner 0230 and flashes to 0231 and then back again --apparently this is when Google wants us dead.
      I can't watch (HA) this anymore. Sorry guys if your gaining from this approach but its not selling me cause I can't get the whole picture of whats available and what is really going on.
      No I'm not from the SHOW-ME state!
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        Still no reviews? Just got this email, looks like it launched almost
        a month ago. Mo Mulla makes pretty bold claims, would be nice
        to see anyone elses experience with his products.

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