Is eFormula any good?

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I believe this is Steve Clayton most expensive IM product to launch yet. To me, it looks kind of like Niche Blueprint 2 on steroid. Any advantage to getting this for nearly $1,500???

If it weren't created by him, I wouldn't have second thought. For anyone who have tried, what do you think?
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      It just came out today. I don't think you will get
      real reviews for a week or more.

      That said, I have the other 2 products by them and
      made more money, lots more money than the investment
      I paid for them.

      They are both solid guys and know what they are doing.
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    I have Commission Blueprint 2 and Niche Blueprint 2 by them.

    I read that you can upgrade the ecommerce software to eformula if you have Niche Blueprint 2. I think I might do that instead to save money.
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      Its Steve Clayton so it has to be good stuff, and it is. I did purchase this today as it does also include a lifetime license to IMeye, something I've been meaning to get for some time now. IMeye is only part of eformula however. This includes a lot of very valuable software and a huge resource base of Videos all made up of several modules.Seems to be very complete.

      eformula is a course that focuses mainly on setting up a ecommerce site, mainly real goods. Seems like there is one tool in there that can set up a complete ecommerce site with just one click. Of cource they also have tools that find you suppliers for whatever you are selling (dropshipping is possible), and tools to get you free traffic (link building, real link building), paid traffic is also covered along with keyword and niche research (more software for this). Domains on Fire is a tool to find expired domains which were previously well ranked in the search engines, and so on. So , yes its very complete. It will take me some time to go through all this stuff and put everything together.
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    We only want reviews from people who have bought and used the product. No beta testers. No more affiliate links. Steve is a very good guy who makes good products but he is badly let down by some of his "fans".

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    I decided to purchase this, have had a play with the domains tool, and got it for the bonuses that come with it. I will try to go through it in the next few days and get back to you with a mini review

    The content is all there though and seems well laid out

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      It would be interesting, if possible, for someone who's in a position to do a comparison with Amazing Selling Machine. It's less than half price.

      And I believe Tanner Larrson is also coming out with an even less expensive program before too long.

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    I was going to promote it as an affiliate but then I remembered something:

    This product does not pay residual income at all and since I only work with residual type programs, I will not promote it.

    Sure the commissions are high, but again, I am not making the same mistake that I have made in the past few years where my MAIN focus was on ONE TIME commission programs. It got me NOWHERE.
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    Looks like they're RE-releasing it now!
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