Perry marshall or Brock Felt training

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My wife is getting ready to launch her sleep aid product. She wanted to get some top end hands on training to grow fast.

She is either thinking of signing with Perry Marshalls' (Google adwords guy) Bobsled coaching program for 12 weeks or Brock Felt's (Pipeline profits and supplement millions) emillionaire training for 12 weeks.

Both are high intensive hands on programs - Perry is great as PPC and has a great reputation in the industry - Brock is less known but he did $70 million in diet and skin cream stuff on the net last year.

I am leaning towards Brock because it is the supplement millions program that got her started. However,I just wanted to find out if there are any warriors who have been through these boot camps. Thanks in advance.
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    After using Perry Marshalls' methods, I IMMEDIATELY started making money with my PPC campaign. Whenever I read about so-called "new discoveries" about PPC, Perry Marshall had already covered it. For example, one method someone touted as new was actually taught by Perry 4 years ago!

    Please keep in mind that one of the reasons for my success with my PPC campaign was my access to billions of keywords (I will keep the keyword service private to avoid competition). However, withour Perry's guidance, setting up my own PPC campaign could have been disastrous and unprofitable
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      I have bought Perry Marshall"s products before and His information is excellent!
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    I have read Perry Marshalls book and online material and it is very good.

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      I first met Perry about 5 years ago and took his advice then. Made lots because of it. Nothing bad to say about Brock, but I'd spend my money with Perry.
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    Go with Perry Marshall
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    I advise you to go with Perry Marshall. It seems to be the consensus.

    The Pipeline Profits system (Brock Felt/Buck Rizvi), though effective, is very involved IMHO. For starters, you'll need your own autoresponder (ie: AutoResponder Plus) as neither Aweber, GetResponse, Email Aces, an most other popular ones DO NOT accept co-reg opt ins.

    Also, it's going to be difficult for you to get opt-ins for a low cost unless you spend $10K, $15K or even $20K. Heck, many co-reg services will not even want to work with you unless you have that kind of money.

    I'm not sure about the "Supplement Millions" system. At any rate, if you do go with the PP system, be sure to have a proven sales funnel that converts and a good back-end product.

    - Jay
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    I was offered the Brock Felt's info for $1.95 and after clicking for it I was redirected to more info for $197 and if you're not paying attention, you will never know. Because I was alert and read the fine print, I opted out. I'm still waiting for the info "via mail" that I paid $1.95 for. For this, I wouldn't refer his product because that was too "sneaky"
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    You're smart to go with the coaching program. I wish I would've said screw the ebooks a long time ago and just bought Perry's coaching program and or phone consultation.

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      Perry Marshall is among few in this field to be trusted,

      He is the real PPC deal!
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    I lost confidence in Brock. Seems like a nice guy, but can't seem to deliver.

    Keith Price

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      Perry's Birthday bash is about to happen and I want to grab his PPC product, just not sure if I'll learn anything. I just can't believe that AdWords is that complicated.
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    If you search this forum and google for Brock and his products and his various "continuity" methods you may decide to go with Perry Marshall.
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      Took Brocks Supplement Millions and was a fairly decent course....Pipeline Profits sucked big time. He is turning into one major greedy *******...

      The major thrust of any of Brocks products is FORCED continuity programs, and if you don't mind forcing unsuspecting people into credit card deals where they are have product shoved down their throats before they know whats happening then he is the guy for you. For those of you with a conscious then Perry is the way to go...

      And for those of you that argue that people get what they ask for on the continuity programs, I think an old Johnny Carson ad lib applies....May the sand of a thousand camels infest your armpits and may you be forced into a hundred continuity programs and spend the next 6 months trying to get out of them without canceling you credit cards. ;-)

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