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.. I am wondering if anyone tried Buy Articles for $1

I can sure use them for Backlinks for submitting in Blog NW or Web2.0 sites.

Any feedback on quality and uniqueness of the articles is appreciated!

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    I've used them for SENX and Blog networks and they worked just fine. Delivery was very, very fast.

    I can not remember exactly the uniqueness of them, but they were good enough I don't remember having any concerns about it.

    It's a buck for an article, try it out and see what you think, you don't have to buy 100 the first time you use them.


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    ive used them before, its pretty good articles for the price, i use it as filler content for new sites
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    Never used them but did get an email from them. It was a direct email (not the contact form) and my email address on the blog is written as admin(at)domain(dot)com.

    I may try them out. The site says you get a free article, pay with a tweet.

    "Minimum order 5 Articles. 1 Keyword per 5 articles"

    "All Articles are 500 words or more! Quality Spun Articles."
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    im also interested. So far.. their service is the cheapest but hope with good quality content too.
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    I just found these people. They left a comment on my blog telling me to check them out if I wanted articles for $1 each. That sounds crazy. I don't know how it's possible to get 500 word articles for $1 each that are actually well done and in good english. I don't want to put crap up on my blog. I might try it though just to see how it turns out. $5 would be a good investment just to check something out. It gets tiring writing my own blog posts every day and I'm cheap so I don't really like paying people to write articles for me. Sometimes I get guest posts but I'd rather not fill my blog with guest posts either...

    Here's my other problem, are they legit? I have to give them my credit card info. Don't want them to keep charging it after I got my articles... hmm.. what do you guys think?

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      I tried them recently. Did a google search on a line in the article they gave me. There are numerous blogs with the exact same article posted. Its as if the articles sold to me were stolen from them.

      Not a very good experience.
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    try them, there good if you want cheap unique content, for like autoblogs or backlinking. Im getting premium seo content done now somewhere else only thing is that it costs alot more
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    i purchased articles from there loads of times and continue to order from there. I think i have an order right now. I cant even remember. The articles are awesome for building links on web 2.0 etc. They are always on time too.

    And for a buck it keeps my margins good to.
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    I just received email through my contact form ... lets see how they are...
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    this is good site and price is so nice i will try this
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    I think $1 for Spun Articles is reason able if all the spun content make unique.
    otherwise loss of $1 because there are many cheap writer who write CS passed content with fair English on $1.
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      Hi guys , just receive email from them in my spam folder , so I got check them on google for : 1dollararticle complaints and find some nasty staff about them , so before you jump to cheap service please check what they already made for others.All the best.
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    I will going to try this since the price is so cheap.
    Earn $1,037.69 in daily is NOT a big amount.
    I can show you how to do this.

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    Let me share my experience, though I did not experience the actual service, but many of the writing sites out there are not checking the quality of outputs before an article will be made to you. It made me disappointed. And I hate proofreading that's why I outsource some of my articles, so I write them myself.
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    I hate the fact that they are blasting my contact form on my website up to 9 times a day. I wouldn't use them just on principal alone.
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    I still prefer to use fellow warrior service which I have shortlisted.
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    I know this is a pretty old thread. But they are spamming the hell out of me by using my contact form. They keep sending contacts via my contact form under different names. Based on their ethics alone and coupled with the reviews I read online, I'd never go with them.

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