Any good Wiki bots available

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I am looking for a good wiki bot where I can do the following..

1. It should accept articles in spin format
2. Title need to be spun as well
3. Option to add our own wiki list
4. It should output the urls which have the backlinks created
5. It should have proxy support
6. Optionally tool should create random users or there should be an option to give the username in spun format.
7. it should be Socks based (not a browser based) tool
8. Output should be in the format (

I know this can be done with Xrumer but checking an independent tool for this purpose.

For those who don't know , even though 90% of wiki links are no follow, still it helps in SERP movement.

Waiting to hear from some one.


After a few days , this is what i collected from different threads

I just found these tools, but still looking for some thing better and economically priced.

1. [wiki killler]

2. [Extreme wiki poster]

3. [wiki spam bot]

4. [Wiki Bot Poster]

5. [Wiki master blaster - new comer]
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