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It's been a long-time since I refunded a purchase, but this is some of the biggest crap I've seen in a long time.

It also recommends blatant, criminal, copyright theft. More about that at the end of this review.

It's fairly obvious, opening the pdf "handbook" - that this a very generic, poorly written, probably outsourced product.

Unbelievably, within the handbook there is a reference to the date it was written - 2005. Yes, 2005! - with a reference to what might happen by 2008.

The download page appears to have been hastily put together. Missing links, and videos that are simply links to Google's own Adwords Learning Center.

Some of the 'bonus' material is just terrible. No other word to describe it. Junk apparently included to add heft to the product.

The sales page refers to "Covert" affiliate marketing strategies, over 1000 in all. At first, I couldn't find this "bonus" anywhere, until I realized it was the gawd-awful, terrible "bonus" file I was reading. It says it was written by "Bizazi Marketing." In the sales page Alderson claims it is his. Hmmm.

While the sale page says:

"One of the major downsides with most ebooks, guides or courses is that they bang on about theory but don't provide the necessary tools to implement the strategies that are being taught.

Sure, they'll tell you all about the 'supposed secrets' of this, that or the other but what they don't do is give you anything you can take away and actually use!

Why? Because the product creators are afraid of the competition.

...And It Personally Drives Me Nuts!

In contrast, I'm actually gonna' give you ALL the tools you need to start making money faster than you ever thought possible..."

Hmmm. Various tools are mentioned in the pdf files, including Alderson's other products. None of them are included. Hmmm. I'm thinking fraud and Alderson will be getting a letter from my law office, or I'll be sending a hefty packet to the FTC. Haven't decided which.

I give this product a grade of F. I only bought it because years ago I bought something from Jeff Alderson and it was pretty good. Now, I'll probably never buy anything from him ever again.

OK, that's harsh. If you're new to Internet Marketing this is not an F. There is some useful information in the "Action Plan."

Regarding the criminal copyright theft, I don't have any problem disclosing this from the product. Alderson has 2 reports about traffic generation strategies.

The first report is simply to use Youtube, and the genius strategy is to COPY someone else's video, edit it so it includes your website link in the video and in the annotation.

Then, you spam hundreds of related videos with bogus comments. The idea is that someone watching another video will see your username, click on it, see you have a video, watch the video, see your url in your video, then visit your website, where they will hopefully click on a strategically placed Adsense ad.

Besides being a crap technique, and spam, etc., if you missed it - the copying of someone else's video and editing it to include a url to your website is illegal. In addition to civil lawsuits, you may end up in jail.

OK, I guess its the letter to the FTC with a copy to ClickBank.

I know this is a very harsh review, and this isn't intended to 'bash' Jeff Alderson personally. I don't know him. I'm sure you can draw your own conclusions about something generic written in 2005 as an "Affiliate Handbook" and a prime traffic generation strategy being to copy someone else's video and to insert your URL.
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    Originally Posted by kindsvater View Post


    Besides being a crap technique, and spam, etc., if you missed it - the copying of someone else's video and editing it to include a url to your website is illegal. In addition to civil lawsuits, you may end up in jail.
    Brian, I am glad you said this. There seems to be a lot of misinformation regarding that "technique". I can't tell you how many arguments I got into regarding this. For some reason, people here think that you can just copy a video and do that. They even go on to say that you can't copy television shows but home made videos is all good.


    Thanks for the post Brian.
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      Thomas, thanks for the info. Let me add this to try and clear-up any misinformation:

      It doesn't matter whether a video, or something else, is created by a mega-corporation or someone in their bathroom. The same copyright laws apply.

      Just because something is home-made doesn't mean you can copy / steal it.

      You may think there is less risk because the big corporate attorneys won't come down on you. You're wrong. Your risk may be greater because people who can't afford attorneys tend to complain to government officials, such as the DA. Then, you may wish you were only dealing with a corporate attorney and a take-down demand.

      Ironically, right now I have a voice message from some lady wanting severe action against someone doing some type of copying of her home-made work.
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    I don't think this is a harsh review at all, and am grateful that you have the guts first to type it and then to hit the 'post reply' after you read it.

    If there is a product out there that's clearly sub-par, especially one with some of the glaring faults in it that you've listed, it doesn't make the reviewer harsh, just honest. I don't understand how someone can promote this low quality product with their name on it--I mean, after all, they're in business to do business, not deal with refunds, right? Not to mention that their business credibility took a big hit with this outsourcing garbage.

    It would probably be lost on the author to drop a short note with the refund to tell them what's wrong here. I do hope that you forward that letter to Clickbank and the FTC. I've had success with the C&D to the offending hosting site, too.

    As far as the copyright theft goes, yup, it's criminal. As far as your prospective theft/infringement client is concerned, it really is upsetting because it's so personal. The www makes it most slippery to trace and enforce without deep pockets and extra vigilance, but I hope they don't give up.
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    If there is ever any doubt as to the power of this forum, check this out...

    Brian posted at 3:34 PM (forum time) and as of my post, when you Google the product name, this thread is on page one about 8 listings down.

    Clickbank Cash Dominator - Google Search

    That's fast.

    And it's not insignificant - I did not do exact or phrase search, which means it includes ANY search results about clickbank, cash or dominator.


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      I had never heard of this guy, but after reading this I'm pretty sure I wont read any of his stuff, thanks for the warning.
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        Thank You for the honest review... I was just about to buy this.
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          This email from Jeff Alderson arrived yesterday - talk about taking the mick!
          This site could be banned at any moment...

          {url to Clickbank Cash Dominator removed}


          You deserve to know this information...

          ...And if the powers to be want to ban this site,
          that PROVES that these secrets are the real deal.

          Why else would they want to keep this information
          from you?
          I'm now off THAT list!

          Martin Avis publishes Kickstart Newsletter - Subscribe free at
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    How disappointing. More junk.

    I believe we should all post proper reviews in this section, for good or bad. I trashed a product on here a while ago (Google Wealth Wizard 2) because it was dreadful.

    So well done kinesvater.

    I have no problem with basic products, they fulfill a good need for people starting out. Personally,I hate sales pages that are basically blatantly misleading and induce you to buy something which it is not.

    There are too many people willing to rip off work and steal in this industry. It's shocking to hear that ripping off You Tube vids is promoted as a method.

    I have had many products of mine stolen and repackaged. I was once offered one of my own reports as a bonus in a package when I had never sold it MRR or anything. As a basic rule, anything you sell on eBay will be stolen repeadeldy by others, I've found.

    I had a whole website and PPC campaign and report ripped off last summer. The whole thing. The guy broke the security on my PDF, copied the content exactly, added his own links and a graphic and sent it out. He copied my exact landing page, thank you page and my aweber emails.

    He then took my exact two PPC campaigns and used them identically and bid more than me to push mine down.

    My opt in rate and back end sales rate dropped dramatically.

    I emailed him and got a pathetic "I didn't know response" and he did take everything down as far as I could say. It also helps I am a lawyer so wrote a shirty lawyer email.

    But, I mean, I don't know??

    Theft is theft. Sorry, was that your handbag? It was just lying there next to you, I thought it was available for anyone to help themsevles to, sorry.

    I have found whole websites that delight in punks posting the download links for products and everyone saying how cool they are because they can all steal someone's stuff.

    I get really pissed off when I spend a bunch of time creating a product and then release it and three days later I find it all over the Torretnz sites with people congratulating themselves at their act of theft.

    I appear to be ranting!

    But why to people think stealing intellectual property is ok? You may not like a product of mine but if I don't like my neighbour's car, I can't nick it can I?

    The trouble is we are all told to 'copy the best' in DJK and other guides. There was even a Guide released a while ago called Site Stealer before it was changed to Site Swiper.

    They were not advocating theft, however.

    People starting out seem to think copyright and trade marks don't exist in the internet.

    They do.

    So perhaps I can just say this:

    Don't copy anyone! Emulate and improve, sure. Borrow good parts and adapt. But do it your friggin' self and don't steal anything or anybodies stuff!! It is illegal and amoral.

    Get it??

    Rant over.


    Under Construction!

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    Thanks for this thread Brian!

    Like Martin, I received the same email yesterday which I promptly deleted. But this thread made me go back and reconsider entirely...I unsubscribed as well and that is saying something since I'd been on his list since 2005 and was a past customer.

    It is too bad really, but I'm finding my tolerance for such nonsense quickly running out. I'm now actively looking for marketer's whos lists I'm on that are over-promoting or just pushing anything and everything they think they can sell.

    My TIME is my most valuable asset and my email inbox has become one of my biggest time wasters. So I take great satisfaction these days in unsubscribing from IM lists that don't meet my standards.

    P.S. Martin Avis' Kickstart newsletter list is an example of one that truly DOES deliver useful and interesting content while skillfully working in a relevant promotion...well done Martin!

    "Perfectionism is just procrastination in a 3-piece suit."
    --Paul Myers

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    juts a heads up -- not that this matters in the grand scheme of things but this product appears to be the PLR product that is part of the Commission Blueprint monthly membership (see month 6).

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    I hope I'm not late to the party.

    I'm Jeff Alderson's partner and I just wanted to address some issues here since not all the facts are known.

    As tyler99 noted this is from month 6 of Commission Blueprint. Now I can tell you that Tim and Steve are the real deal and they always have top notch material. I know both Tim & Steve personally and I can tell you we all have a lot to learn from them.

    I'm sure you have seen Frank Kern mailing heavy for them and even talks about them in the highest praise in his INFO Millionaire newsletter "January Edition".

    Do you think just for one minute that Frank would recommend something that has any faults? If it's good enough for Frank Kern then it's good enough for me.

    So yes this is PLR material from month 6 of Commission Blueprint, but it' still better then what you get in most products.

    Everything that is stated on the sales page is in the member's area. The only thing we changed on the sales letter was the reviews and we added our own screen shots

    I do have to admit that I knew Brain was unhappy with his purchase because he added a long note to his Clickbank return. But I have also called him 3 times today at the number that is listed on the receipt and I'm waiting for the return call.

    Brian you have my number so call me or Jeff at any time, we are one EST time.

    Not every product is right for everybody; it seems that some people have more IM experience then others. I wouldn't expect this product to be of much benefit to someone who is an expert.


    Just a simple question here.

    How many people have every had Clickbank refuse a refund?

    Now how many people have been refused or given the run around with paypal or someone's merchant account?

    Jeff and I aren't hiding behind anything & we have no problem giving refunds if the product doesn't make you happy. That's one of the reasons we use Clickbank because if you sneeze hard they will give you a refund on the spot.

    If anyone from the first 11 posts wants to comment on the quality of this product and you don't have a copy then PM and I will give you a copy so you can review it and then feel free to share your thoughts about it.

    Since we are not attorney the Youtube issue is better left to the lawyers. Since getting Brian's Clickbank refund request we have since removed the report and sent it to our lawyers for review.

    If we did something wrong with the Youtube report then we will admit it.

    How many other marketers are willing to do that?

    Now one of the reasons that most people fail at affiliate marketing is because they are always chasing the latest fad and never learning the basic's first. Just because the report in not brand new doesn't mean that it is not valuable.

    One example of this is some of the best course ever written about copywriting were written 80 years ago or more.

    And if you ask any real "super affiliates" they will tell you it's the basics that lead to success.

    Just because you know something doesn't mean that you are doing it? Right?

    Now check out this blog post I did on February 3rd about Integrity. Do you think I would have the replays that I did if Jeff or I sold junk products?

    What ever happened to INTEGRITY in internet marketing? | Charles Kirkland

    Check out this WSO and look at all the people who are praising the product.

    Do you think these people would put there reputation on the line if the product was junk?

    If anybody has any questions feel free to PM me.

    Charles Kirkland
    Every day Charles shares tips, strategies, and advice to help you start and grow your online business while avoiding the mistakes he made. Everything Charles writes is based on his own experiences building multiple successful businesses.
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    Jeff Alderson is now coming out with "Clickbank Cash Secrets", $47 with some bonuses. Junk, too?
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