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Hey one of my followers has asked me what I think of Harry Charle's X Formula Control. I do remember seeing one of this webinars around 12 months ago where he has software that will seek out keyword rich domains and use them with adsense wordpress sites to generate hands off income.

Having not tried the system myself I am hoping someone can give me their experience so I can pass it on.

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    Hey Gouldmine,

    I will obviously let others answer your questions here as I am sure you are not looking for a response from the owner!

    What I will say is if anyone has any questions about X Formula Control - how it works - please post in this thread and I will do my best to answer.

    Harry :-)
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      Originally Posted by HarryCharles View Post

      Hey Gouldmine,

      I will obviously let others answer your questions here as I am sure you are not looking for a response from the owner!

      What I will say is if anyone has any questions about X Formula Control - how it works - please post in this thread and I will do my best to answer.

      Harry :-)[/quote]

      Hey Harry,

      I watched your recent webinar.

      Though I like to buy your software, I have 1 very important question.

      Do you have built-in content generator and spinner? Though I have PLR articles and software tools to search and scrape content from web, I do not feel comfortable having other people's articles on my site for fear of being penalized by Google.

      Though content spinner can solve that problem, it may not save me from Google Panda update if you know what I mean due to their constant changes.

      Especially when articles become unreadable or contain spelling and grammar mistakes which happened to me when using other spinning tools.

      On the other hand, if I rewrite into my own words, it will take me a lot of time which is what I am experiencing in my current online marketing activities.

      I believe that is not just my concern but others as well. So how can you help in this area since you know Google update better and faster than I do?

      Because no matter how efficient and fast your software automates, having unique content is still the key besides SEO keywords in domain and title.
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    There are no response as promise.
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    Hey macodiam - I do apologize I totally forgot about this thread .

    @Amuro - X formula control is designed as a two part system - the first is quick site generation - get you ranked with unique content that is obviously generated by our machine - this will satisfy the panda algo for the launch of the website. The second part is to take the sites you have generated and building out the ones that are ranking and making you money.

    I will answer this question in more depth tomorrow as there is a lot more to it than what I actually wrote .

    But it is 3am here and I am very tired!

    Harry :-)
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      Can anyone review X Formula Control that actually has it?
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    I would also like to see a review from someone who is using it. and if the sites are ranking well and if they have made money with it or not


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      Listening to a replay of a webinar that I recieved from being on Mark Thompson's email list. Beware of one stop chop software systems, especially if you can't get anyone to give honest reviews. I would also beware if you don't get any repsonse from the owner as he is aware of this thread and hasn't responded.

      Sometimes, what seems to be an easier way of generating sites, isn't the best especially if you want to maintain a lasting business.

      I will wait to see if Harry comes back and answers the questions above.
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    Hey Daja,

    I do understand your concerns - I cannot review xfc as it is my own course. All I will say is I fully stand behind XFC - I offer a full support system of personal mentorship/private community/round the clock support to all personal mastermind students.

    If you have specific questions I can answer about the course please post them :-).

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      Hi Harry - Sorry to feel I have to write this publically, but I have been waiting for a refund for 4 days now.

      1) Why do you say you have 24 hour support? I left messages regarding the support was down, but only got replied 48 hours later and some questions weren't even answered.

      2) Why is the Forum dead?

      3) Why do you say 30 day refund, no questions asked? When I requested a refund after 25 days and still waiting?

      I am not a serial refunder, but this is an expensive course (I paid around £600) In my view it was not good value for money and the "bots" are erratic and not working properly and people have complained on the forum about this last November..

      I see you are still running the sales webinars, and I feel it my duty to warn others of the problems I am having with you.

      Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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    Hey Bigbuck,

    Please email me your refund request to harryaverycharles@gmail.com. Sadly I cannot use the PM feature here :-(.

    I will sort out your refund as it should get processed immediately.

    I apologize that you are having those difficulties.

    Harry :-)

    Edit: I just spoke to support about this one because we take these sort of issues very seriously - we are not aware of any refund requests that have been waiting more that 4 days so please send through the request again so we can process it.
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      I thought I would make a separate post answering your other concerns.

      - The issues with the tool in november has been fixed for a long time now. Back then the tool was in beta and just launched so we had a few teething problems. As I am aware there is no issue with the tools and we do check the support daily to help any members who might be having technical difficulties.

      - The private mastermind forums are as they would suggest private meaning it is a small community of X Formula Control members. The given date you were referring to when you complained to me that I did not answer your thread quickly enough was due to me being out of the country for a wedding :-(.

      - The support is checked around the clock, not only that but members have access to the forum to ask questions and also access to my email if they continue to have issues.

      Thank you for your comments and feedback.

      Harry :-)
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        Ok Harry, tell me this....why do you say in the latest webinar that you only have 9 spots available and that is all you are taking, yet the sales page today says 14 spots and still allows me to go to the payment page. How are the domains purchased? What is the cost per domain? Is is purchased thru your system?

        How do you go about expanding the sites you build in order to appease Google so it doesn't become stale?
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    Hey Daja,

    14 spots is actually a typo my end and it will be fixed - I had used the same graphic for when I took on a previous set of students.

    To answer your question - I only take on a set of students at a time so I can focus on them and work with them to help them have success with XFC. I find that the biggest thing missing from a lot of courses is the support system so I prefer to take on a smaller group so I can really work with them.

    Domains are purchased through GoDaddy and for hosting I recommend and support HostGator as its super cheap and has everything you really need!

    Building XFC sites out is a great question and it has been something I have been focused on for a while. The idea is you create a smaller website from 5-6 pages that starts to earn you money, once you start earning money with that site it makes sense to do one of two things. Either improve your rankings from searches you are getting traffic from but aren't ranking number one for or expanding out your content to a 20ish page site. We actually did an in house training call for XFC members on this recently - essentially the one which you choose to do will depend on your domain and niche. Do you feel that 5-6 pages covers what your domain and niche is about? If so it makes sense to focus on the pages you already have and push your rankings up for terms you KNOW get traffic through your analytics. If you feel that the 5-6 page site doesn't even START to cover the full niche it makes sense to re-plan you site into 20ish-30ish pages. I won't go into the exact methodology about this as we run through this in the course and it takes quite a while .

    On a side note - a 5-6 page website in Google doesn't go stale. Google's new freshness algorithm focuses on fresh content where it recognises the niche needs it. To give you an example if I owned the domain "dailynewsupdates.com" and never updated it it would be very unlikely I would rank very long for the term daily news updates because google recognises this term needs daily updates. If I own a site which is "valuegold.com" where i give good information on how to value your scrap gold - this content is much more timeless and the niche doesn't require daily updates so I can get away with a 5-6 page site that doesn't update very often as long as I structure my content correctly.

    Hope that makes sense!

    Harry :-)
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      Harry, I sent you another question through the support email that came directly out of wathcing your webinar. Since I haven't recieved a repsonse, I'm addig the question here also.

      The domain you used in the webinar doesn't seem to be a new one. I used SEOQUAKE and found that the domain was issued in 2010 and the 5 pages are indexed. So if you were picking a new domain during the first exercise and then creating the site live on the call, it seems like it was previously stagged. That is why I did some research on the domain and the site after the webinar to find that it apparently was already created way before the webinar - is this true?

      You didn't come right out and say it on the webinar, but thru your actions and enthusiasm, it appeared that you found a domain based on the seed keyword SILVER, and then created a site around the domain and had it up and running instantly. Based on my findings above, how could that be true.

      Having some doubts again.....
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    Hey Daja,

    One thing I want to say before I answer your questions is if you are looking for XFC to be a magic bullet over night riches solution it is not worth investing in it. The way XFC has been designed is to build you a realistic passive income over time - not thousands of dollars over night.

    In terms of the domain all I can say is SEOquake must have picked up that the domain has been registered before and then dropped - there is absolutely no way I registered this domain in 2010!

    The example shown on the training is an accurate representation of how the tool works and how X Formula Control sites are set up and all elements were set up using the X Formula Control method and tools including using the domain tool to find the available domain.

    Harry :-)
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      Harry, thanks for your quick reply. I understand about the overnight riches - that thinking will only get you nowhere. I'm just being very cautiious.

      One more question if you don't mind....do you or have you considered using content curration as a possible way to beef up you sites from time to time, obviously depending on if you site would need to stay fresh.

      Just thinking out loud, since the site you created about Silver could lend itself to updating with news related stuff from time to time.

      Thanks again,
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    Hey Dan,

    I am guessing content curation means "news" as well as possibly providing up to date RSS new feeds from other sources?

    There is no part of me that is going to sit here and say a website can't benefit from up to date news either written by the site itself or via feeds. However X Formula Control sites are designed and structured to not need that - i.e the content provided should be timeless and not need constant updates. Silver specifically is quite a good market to create content that doesn't have to be updated unless you are in the price niche when there is an obligation from yourself to give an up to date silver price because Google recognises this is what a good silver price site should do.

    Whenever I build and rank a site I like to do the following thing: Take a step back - look at my rankings and see if I feel I should be ranking there and if I am providing my user with the content they are looking for. If the answer is no I will modify the site to try and cater towards the user. At the end of the day if you give the user exactly what they are looking for from a given search term Google has no problem with ranking you well (in my opinion it provides a much more low risk business model as well).

    Harry :-)
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