Raven Tools? Anyone ever used it?

by Dexx
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As most of you are aware Market Samurai is going through some big changes right now (in the form of charging new monthly fees etc)

One of their recent blog posts recommended (from the point of view) an awesome marketing tool/platform located at RavenTools.com (non-aff link)

I'm just going through a lost of the services that are included within their platform...and I am actually REALLY impressed by what I'm seeing.

Especially the ability to manage/monitor all my client marketing activites from one central location. Very easy for virtual assistants to handle.

It also has white label reporting features, etc.

Just wondering if anyone has looked into the service before, and if so, what were your opinions on it?

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    Yes, I use it. It's great. A real pro product. I prefer it to seomoz, and there are no limits to the number of sites you can add. I like how everything integrates into a complete package.
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    Do you use it for local business clients?

    If so, how do they like the reports it generates? Do they find them easy to understand?

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    I use it for about 10 local business clients for traffic, rankings, and social media reporting. Capabilities are very robust, and you can provide annotations to the reports to provide commentary for your clients.

    I think there's a free 30 day trial so give it a whirl for one of your client sites.
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    I have gone through the trail and unfortunately I didn't give it the amount of time I needed to really analyze it.

    It seems like a really great solution if you're looking for a dashboard to maintain all activities in. I wouldn't say that it's an alternative to Market Samurai (even though I'm looking for one); while it does have a lot of similar features, it just doesn't seem to be targeting the same kind of business as MS does.

    I really do want to explore this further and the good experiences above are very encouraging.
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    Originally Posted by mw8020 View Post

    @Dexx - have you started using raven tools yet? If so what's your thoughts?
    Hey there, yes I'm currently using the software platform and...I really, really, think it is a game changer for my business!

    For me, the ability to have all of my clients stats, rankings, keywords that are generating traffic, competition monitoring, social media analytics (YouTube channel views, Facebook Fan Page and Twitter details) all in one area...

    That I can quickly switch from client-to-client within...is amazing.

    The ability to quickly (with a few mouse clicks) be able to generate details reports that are branded with our company logo (or better yet...the client's logo) is a huge advantage in the Offline Marketing arena where most companies don't provide that much to clients.

    and the ability for me to provide reports (and tracts stats) of my clients email campaigns that they do within Campaign Monitor...priceless.

    And the ability to have client login details for the various websites setup so outsourcers can login without needing to actually know passwords (think a roboform plugin for local business clients info)--awesome.

    I could go on and on, but seriously, this tool is a must have (imo) for any serious marketing company that is doing business with local businesses.

    I almost don't even want to write positive things about it so I can keep this little gem to myself, lol, but that's not the Warrior spirit.

    But yea...I love it.


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