Viral Traffic Optimizer - Any Reviews?

by itrend
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Has anybody got the chance to try Viral Traffic Optimizer?

Owners: Tim Atkinson & Dan Brock.
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  • My reviews and I'll keep it short. The plugin is a great idea, awesome concept, but minus the bad bugs it is a great product. However if you are trying to run it on any of your production websites, do consider the time you will be investing trying to fix it on your website.
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    The reveiw I have so far is that it works fine just need more support access to support is nilch.
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    Waht types of "Bad Bugs"? Too many to keep it working?
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    I think Dan Released it earlier in the year as a WSO - he's spent 6 months or so re-vamping it and it relaunched TODAY as Viral Traffic Optimizer 2 - I DID pick up a copy and so far i'm quite impressed.

    It basically lets you ASK for or BRIBE for (with an incentive or free offer) FB Likes, Tweets, +1's - pretty much anything to help make the site go viral. You can place widgets just about anywhere on your (WP) site, they can move, stay still, pop up, pop down. One of my FAVORITES, pops down after 5-10 seconds with a small message asking for a like or tweet. Being that people click on these icons out of HABIT now (shoot, even I do) - I dont see how it could NOT work and ive already got a few new likes this morning on my test site - granted its' only been an hour or so.

    Too soon to see if my traffic is going viral, BUT i've used plug-ins that are SIMILAR to this before - and this one goes above and beyond any of them. I recommend this - for the price you can't go wrong. Also as for bugs, I did NOT pick it up 6 months ago so I cant comment on the older version - but the version I do have now is bug free and working rather well so far

    Putting my Stamp of approval on this one will have a video review later on youtube most likely
    - Jeff Lenney

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    Is it a wordpress plugin? How much is the price?
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    Is this the product?

    Viral Traffic Optimizer

    I am unsure because it does not have Tim or Dan's name on the classified ad thread.
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      Originally Posted by DavidTiger View Post

      I don't know about Viral traffic Optimizer, But as term seems that it is type of optimizing traffic.
      I like to ask one thing that how can we optimize traffic by any tool?
      Optimizing traffic is when you reach a certain type of traffic in your niche. AKA "targeted traffic"
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        Hi guys, I've just received a broadcast with this software.

        I have a doubt, is this software just adding a Sharing Bar at the sides of our blog posts? because there are already some free wp plugins that do that job (for example ShareBar plugin that I am using currently in my marceblog website).

        Does it offer other resources? The viral nature of this plugin is wonderful, but if we already have some free plugins that makes this possible, I feel a bit skeptical about this software.

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    I purchased the 2.0 version of VTO. I'd REALLY love to use it and write a review, but unfortunately the plugin isn't working. The integral "Create Layout" screen isn't loading at all (except for the heading). I filled out a support ticket this morning but have not heard anything yet.

    After experiencing the complete non-existence of support with Deadbeat Millionaire, I swore I would never buy another Dan Brock product again. However, I figured since this was a plugin there would be little chance of a problem- because I've never had an issue with the function of any plugins. Now I'm wondering if I'll hear back from anyone on Dan Brock's team at all about this considering my past experience.

    If anyone knows of an equivalent plugin, please let me know. I've looked into the free options but they aren't quite enough for what I need. VTO would fit the bill perfectly, if it would only work.
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      I purchased VTO 1.0 back in February and have since received the updated version 1.5 and 1.6. You may read the trials and tribulations of VTO by putting VTO in the search and about twelve items down is one called "closed for update" by Daniel Brock. It has 425 replies or should I say complaints. Read why they call him "Dan the Scam."
      One of his many promises is that all 1.0 subscribers will get the 2.0 update and like all of his other promises, it was broken. Neither he nor his support follow up either.
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    Thanks guys. I was very close to hitting the "buy" button but will now wait for more reviews and for Dans support team to answer everyone's concerns.


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    WHY would anyone put out a product and then give lousy support??
    This is DEATH to one's brand and list and etc. - all the things a marketer wants to make THRIVE, not kill!
    Man, how dumb!
    > My Promise To You: I will never promote any offer I do not truly believe to be 100% worth buying and using!
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