No Sales System by Ewen Cia

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Anyone know anything about this product? What is is?
Is it scalable, or outsourcable?

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    Yeah, I bought it. It's a bit of a disappointment. I'll give the chapter titles here, they tell enough:
    - It's all about advertising!
    - 1. ZangoCash
    - 2. VombaCash
    - 3. Wave Revenue
    - 4. Paid Pop Ups
    - 5. Paid to Complete Tasks
    - 6. Video Cash and Traffic
    - 7. Paid for Downloads
    - 8. Your First Website
    - Conclusion
    The preface promises 'a healthy six figure income' in the first annum already. I'm afraid not many students will achieve that goal...

    Yours, notveryhappywiththispurchasely, Ed

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    Thanks for your post mormel; i was thinking of purchasing this.
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    Hi again,

    You're welcome. Actually I was kinda suprised, because I had bought some other Ewen Chia products in the past that weren't half bad. Autopilot Profits is a handy step-by-step blueprint to set up small niche sites. Super Affiliates had lots of very good info videos that can really help you through all the annoying technical stuff you have to first learn as a newbie. And I liked his E-book Business in a Box, although I never made much money with it.

    Yours, repeatedbuyingly, Ed

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      Any product can really be a revelation to some and a disappointment to others. it really depends where you are in your quest and how much knowledge you have or want.

      Personally, I try to gain 1 new thing from everything I buy and if I fill that criteria I wont get a refund. I will say that Ewen Chia has decent products usually and fabulous sales letters.

      What exactly are you looking to achieve or where you just generally window shopping? I am sure you're aware you can spend a lot of money browsing without true purpose.

      If you want to PM me or say here what you wanted maybe I can help I would certainly try for you. I have quite a lot of product knowledge as I buy a lot every month, In fact most of the releases LOL.

      I need to keep abreast if I am to help train others.

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    As stated in the title, this report is all about teaching you how to make money through advertisement and not through affiliate sales.

    You can definitely add this as one of your money making machine beside doing affiliate marketing.

    I find it okay for me.
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    Originally Posted by goingup View Post

    Anyone know anything about this product? What is is?
    Is it scalable, or outsourcable?

    In the no sales system Ewen outlines 8 distinct "Projects" that you can undertake individually or in combination to generate income on the net. It is an original product from one of the more respected gurus on the web.

    Excerpt from Ewin's summary:
    And you should also note that what you have read in this report represents only
    my own personal experiences and opinions, and that your results may differ
    significantly from those that I have just shown you.
    I would say that it can scale, I don't think it would lend itself to outsourcing.

    I have it for sale on one of my sites. PM me if you want it and I'll give you a link for a very deep WSD (Warrior Special Discount)

    I can't post links yet


    ...Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just set there.
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      I knew I had seen that title somewhere.

      I just got an offer for it on an exit popup to an "opt in secrets" gift!!!

      That's getting worse and worse: first I get this "gift" that doesn't even bother to say who wrote the thing. Then the exit popup for the "gift" is a 2 year old ($197.00 crossed)($97.00 crossed)($77.00 crossed) $47 product.

      Note how the bigger numbers have a .00 after them to make them look bigger whereas the $47 doesn't. That alone shows the age of the offer!

      Oops... I hadn't seen the second exit popup. Now we're down to $17

      The 2 PS are also pretty hilarious (italics are mine):
      P.S. The clock is ticking! Remember, this incredibly low price is just a marketing test. At any moment the price will increase drastically. (2 yo marketing test. WOW! You're sure not fast at data analysis! LOL)
      P.P.S. No Sales System is the hottest no-selling method on the internet to date. If you aren't using it then good luck. You better just hope your competition doesn't beat you to it!

      Let's see if there is a third exit popup and they pay me to receive their "revolutionary" product. Nope, this was the last one.

      What drives me nuts is that I am sure somewhere there is a desperate newbie buying that product... and the full $47 (s)he can't really afford.

      Come on, guys, are you really that desperate to make a buck? Whatever happened to the millions of $$ you're telling us you're making on a daily basis?
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