Anyone Using Niche Dominator

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Is anyone getting results with Niche Dominator?

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    Anyone??? I want to buy but waiting for real reviews
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    Um I'm using it and I think you should buy it, but then again, I'm a little biased.

    Check out this review:

    And here's a good interview I did with Louie Frias:

    ...and Finally, the WSO (I think it's still up):

    A lot of people really like it. There's a TON of content available in the member's area now.

    But I'm not supposed to comment on my own product when you're looking for an unbiased review, so I'll just duck out now...

    Hope to see you inside.

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    Wow, this is my first time hearing about Niche Dominator, but from what I'm reading it sounds like a beast.

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    Daaaaang, Brandon - where ya been?

    It was only like the 327th biggest product launch last year!

    (ha ha)

    -Cam (continuing to fly under the radar)
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    Cam... i am interested in this product however debating with Firepow... can you please help me make a decision?
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    deslongs, Firepow is a monthly membership at about $147/month. I believe it is good, IF you like and are interested in WordPress blogs.

    If you don't like/know WP very well, I would learn more about it first.

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      Originally Posted by Elliott View Post

      deslongs, Firepow is a monthly membership at about $147/month. I believe it is good, IF you like and are interested in WordPress blogs.

      If you don't like/know WP very well, I would learn more about it first.


      I tried out FirePow and not worth the high monthly membership. I have several blogs up and running with a nice monthly check from google adsense coming in. Yet I was excited about the product and had to give it a try.

      All the chores you do in order to promote your blogs, they have on the site so you do not forget to do them. It does make the blogs fast and easy, yet I like to customize what few blogs I have and add security to them.

      If you are new to blogging it is a great product, but if you are familiar with blogging and successful at marketing them, then spending your money elsewhere is best.
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    thanks Elliott
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      the thing about all these niche membership sites is that all of the members are supplied with the same PLR articles,the same keyword lists etc the content is not unique, just educate yourself and work on your own projects/keywords
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    thank for your wisdom bobratcliff
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    Cams' products are always great. The Niche Dominator offers you all you need to dominate your niche from Review Site templates to mini site templates and he keeps adding stuff each month plus offering his wonderful wisdom.

    As with any thing your mileage may vary. Cam just takes a lot of the heavy lifting out of the process. If you are going for putting up minisites this is a product you really should check out.

    I have had success in getting quickly indexed. I do organic google stuff so if you do Adwords you may experience more success than I. I have certainly made my money back from my investment just by doing my way.

    And...Cam is also a great person to work with, he responds to your email right away, and is in his members forums working with folks all the time. So he is present and available to service his products. I guess for me that is important.

    Your SEO Diva
    Rebecca in Montana

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      I have had some great results in all different niches.

      It is not the only thing I use, but definitely a must have tool in my arsenal.

      The forum is great and there are always people there to help you and guide you in the right direction.

      The thing is to take action, so if you get it, you need to use it
      !! COMING SOON !!
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        I'm pretty new to IM and I've been spending a lot of time just trying to learn. I've also tried a couple of things without much success. I'm not discouraged as I now recognize that what I need is a proven system that I can follow instead of going after every new thing that comes into my in box.

        I came across Cam Forbes niche dominator and I see the good reviews. I'm just wondering;

        1. It's been a while since it's release, are there any updated reviews?
        2. Can an IM newbie make a success with this product?

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          Any one get this recently and still have success?
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          • At the risk of sounding like a commercial, here's my $0.02...

            I found Cam's Niche Dominator wso one day when I was procrastinating through the WF. Even though it was a year old, I bought it when I saw that it was still available at the 50%-off price (July 09)...wondering if I would have to use the refund guarantee. Instead, I've created 5 content-rich domains and haven't looked back!

            (That number would be much higher if it wasn't for my obsession for perfection in tweaking themes and web files, and the frustrations of experimenting with auto-content plugins.)

            Since then, I've also been doing my niche/keyword research and will soon be ready to purchase a handful of domain names to accommodate many new sites. To think - the only (necessary) expense I'll have from now on is the price of domain names (!).

            Plus, the ONLY things I take time to do anymore is promote my domains (think Angela and Paul), write the occasional articles (think SMS) to help boost the uniqueness and quality, and keyword research (I have more time to have fun with this now).

            Niche Dominator has been the perfect vehicle to integrate adsense, cpa ads, video, auto content (rss feeds, articles), and even ebay, clickbank and amazon.

            Duplicate content is not a problem - esp if you use the right plugins or take the time to write your own articles. But my goal is to be as hands-off as possible and goodness knows, I could have NEVER attained this level of production without Niche Dominator!!

            I had to watch the video tutorials a couple of times but between these, the very helpful forum, and of course, Cam... it's pretty hard NOT to put together a fully-functioning, profitable network of niche-targeted sites.

            There's nothing black hat about ND - just simple, hands-free, time-saving website creation, integrated with every possible monetization feature that's currently available to online marketers.

            The reality for me is... I've spent the last three years building sites and adding content manually whereas now, I'm able to build an endless supply of networks (blog, minisites, authority sites, review sites) on a regular basis ... in 30 minutes or less (per site)!!

            This was a god-send for me! It's freed up my time again, and shows promise of allowing me to finally brag about what I do online. I can't believe I paid so little for this software!

            Due diligence is always a good thing but remember, there's a money back guarantee. And, if you buy it - that's great for Cam; if not, that's great for the rest of us!!

            Prove Your Worth To Offline Business Owners
            Offliners... Why Offline Businesses Aren't Hiring You
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            Jiminigrist29 ,

            Niche Dominator is a great site building tool. It takes effort to learn all it can do, but once you have invested your time in learning it, there is no limit on your return.

            Compared to other site builders it is fast and flexible.
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