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As a highly active warrior, i felt it was my duty to let you guys know about my experience with "KODEMALL", and give a kodemall review.

For those of you that don't know, kodemall is an indian company that sells a reworked version of opencart so that it is basically an online marketplace in a box. It allows several opencart stores to be opened on one website, basically giving an eBay stores type platform.

They do give you a product, so in no way is it a "scam website", but the coding is so poor that the 'mall' that you get is so slow you can rarely get off the homepage. SEO - important right? Well with Kodemall you can forget about it, because the coding used is so poor, experienced professional developers can't navigate through it - let alone google bots! I had a professional website development team (limetree - a UK web design company) take a look at it for me and asked them how much a redesign might be, they pretty much laughed at me down the phone stating that'd it would be cheaper for them to design a whole new website than attempt to make the 'mall' work correctly and be SEO friendly.

I don't want to come across as though i am simply bashing the company, but it did seem to me that they were far more responsive to my requests and emails before i paid them as opposed to after.

The company did show me several working websites before i purchased, and it makes me wonder if my experience of them was a one off. There are obviously others who must have purchased the platform as well and i'm intrigued to hear of their experiences.

They also offer 90 days of after sales support. In my personal opinion, this isn't worth thinking about. I had several tickets in and rarely did any of them get answered, let alone resolved.

The company owner Karan Ahuja seems a friendly enough person and an honest business man, he will respond quickly and give you full and detailed answers. But i felt as though it became alot harder to contact him after i had been passed to his team for development, basically making me feel as though the company were only after my money.

I am trying hard not to give a negative review of kodemall here as i don't intend to torpedo any hard working individuals business, but from my experiences, i would advise fellow warriors to avoid the platform until more companies have come forward with reviews of them.
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    agreed, had them complete a project for us.

    Never worked, code was terrible and never received the promised updates.

    They are however very quick at taking your money so stay away
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