Bookmarking Demon Vs SENUKE

by Shevd
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I was wondering if i had to choose between the two tools, which should I purchase.

Many Thanks
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    When it comes to bookmarking I don't know of ANY program better than the latest Bookmarking Demon - it's fantastic to use.
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    They both have their place... strengths and weaknesses...

    Personally I think they're both good products...

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    what is the website for SENUKE?
    Chris Clements, Founder & CEO, YeeZ Mobile Inc.

    The Most Profitable White Label / Private Label SMS Reseller Program available to Offline Marketers! Long Codes & Short Code Keywords, in one account! YeeZ Mobile's
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    I`ve never heard of SENUKE ...dOES it do the same thing?
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  • Senuke has fantastic support. I don't know how Joe and Areeb can listen to - and integrate - every member suggestion posted in the forum. Patch after patch after patch, Senuke just keeps getting better.

    No, I am not associated with the marketing aspect of Senuke. A client of mine maintains my Senuke Lite account, hence, I manage to observe the hard work continuously invested by the people who run the show.


    Chris, just add a .com to the name and you'll get there.


    Gray, Senuke is like a keyword suggestion tool, an article spinner, an article distributor, a video syndicator, an RSS feeder, a Web 2.0 blaster, and so very much more rolled into one.
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    2 different products.

    I own Bookmarking Demon and I USE SENuke. SENuke is focused on using Web 2.0 sites to get solid backlinks for your sites quickly.

    Bookmarking Demon lets you Bookmark your site's pages very quickly. You can use SENuke to Bookmark, but Bookmarking Demon does a better job overall for just this, but for overal site promotion, if I were to spend my money on anything, it would be a SENuke Membership.
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    senuke is just fantastic
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