$1,000 Kindle Cash Flow 2012 ala Sean Donahoe

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Hey, Gang...

There is another thread for Kindle Cash Flow here on WF that is all dated within 2011. I think its appropriate to start a new thread given this material seems to still have affiliates pushing this system.

Let me also be clear that I'm not opposed to anyone selling products for this sort of price if they are delivering value for that buck.

And in case you don't read this entire post (I'm expecting it to get long - lol), I don't have as much of a problem with the system as I do with just not being able to get straight answers (before the sale, mind you) that was done to me prior to the sale as well as how "off" the content was in the two hour+ webinar.

A question to ponder: If a program sells for $997, is the typical buyer someone that either has time to kill or finds some level of enjoyment, fulfillment and/or validation of some sort in sitting through a 2 hour webinar just to make a purchase? ::::::::sigh::::::::

Some of the webinar's time is spent walking a person through how to create a Kindle account. That's an annoying waste of time, IMO. But hey - if finding ways to burn up two hours helps the closing ratio on a $1,000 product because they had you stuck there for two hours and thereby it raised your level of commitment by doing so - well - who am I to argue with that success?!?!

Now, I probably came at this info with a different mission in mind compared to most that are probably starting at ground zero. My deal was that I already have a client who already has a blog that has morphed into something good for her because of her very unique writing style. She already has her toe in the water and is making a few bucks. We have been working together to brand her, get her content distributed, and we're even looking at tangible product lines that revolve around her particular work. It's a unique situation.

By the time I got this client, the Kindle Cash Craze material was not available, so what the heck... When I got the email from Sean Donahoe, I thought it might be worth investigating for my client.

This obviously seems to be an affiliate deal to sell the KCF material - Sean sent 5 emails pushing this webinar within 2 days. I had already registered after receiving the first one. BUT... I was interested only because of this one particular client I just mentioned.

Please note: I already AM VERY BUSY. I'm finding time to write this review early on a Sunday morning while my family sleeps and the lake is still frozen over here in Colorado - so going trout fishing this morning isn't an option - or I wouldn't be here. My point: carving out TWO HOURS just to attend a webinar during a regular work day is rough - and expensive for me.

So the day before (because I would have to turn down other paying work for the afternoon of the webinar) I reached Sean's support system. I did reach a gal on the live chat thing, explained that I was going to bill a client for this info, and asked her what the pricing of the product would be. H*ll, I even asked if she could give me a ballpark figure! "$50, $500, more?" :::::::sigh again::::::::

The chat and sending in a support ticket to ask pricing were fruitless. Moreover, now in hindsight, looking at this whole situation, I don't really understand why getting a straight up answer should have been so difficult. The answer I got during the chat: "The pricing has not been determined yet". Sure. 24 hours out and you don't know pricing? Yeah. Youbetcha.

Here's the response I got from the support ticket:

"Unfortunately we are unable to give you more details regarding the Webinar. The Webinar has been set up for customers to attend at their will.

All customers are in the same situation, and any questions they have during the Webinar will be answered.

The Webinar is optional, please feel free to attend the Webinar if you have time to."

Humpf. In reality, for me anyway, the webinar was not "optional". Tell me the package is 8 videos, has a money back guarantee and it's $997 and I would have rather just bought it to check it out instead of burning up two hours in the middle of a workday. (I'm bein' serious) I woulda bought it anyway.

And I'm not blowin' smoke. My client and I *did* buy it. It got here yesterday.

Seriously, if the value is there, I don't begrudge anyone making $1,000! Heck, don't we all want this type of income for ourselves?!?!?

Back to our story... I explained in both the support ticket and chat that I needed to know pricing because I intended to bill my client for pursuing this information. (yeah - what a concept - get paid for what we do! lol) I should have done a search here - but when I registered for this thing, I was slammed busy and really didn't have the time to screw with researching before the purchase. After all, I had succeeded in reaching "the horse's mouth's" support staff.

Also in context - prior to this webinar - Sean sends emails out saying he has "no clue" how "the guy" is making this "crazy" money on Kindle. And there really would be no way to research effectively - not knowing exactly which product (nor it's pricing) is being promoted on this webinar. The way this was promoted to me, you don't know the name of the product nor the author - Ty Cohen - prior to the webinar.

I don't know if the webinar itself is live or not. ( I'm assuming not). I signed in using my iPad so I could take screenshots of the webinar slides as they went by so I could review the info with my client - if need be - should I decide to encourage her to make the package purchase (still not knowing how much $$ we were talkin' here). So I have slides of 99% of the webinar on my iPad.

If ya got time, the webinar is probably worth it. Bein' serious. A good chunk of what's involved is included in the first hour of the webinar.

Now that I have gone through 7 of the 8 videos in the physical product that arrived just yesterday, reviewing some of what was said on the webinar is quite annoying to me.

IN MY OPINION - the material in the KCF program might very well be worth $997 to some people. And Ty Cohen seems (more than most marketers, IMO) quite sincere and I, for one, would be happy to help support him if it weren't for the fact that some of this material IS NOT appropriate (IMO) to be preaching in 2012. On the top of the list, there is a significant chunk of the system that is still being delivered promoting the use of PLR as the third of the FOUR methods - great way to lose your account with Kindle at the worst. He explains that the fourth method is a real "no-no". So he does go into long detail where to get and how to use the third method. At the best, you'll devote time into something that will likely just be rejected by Amazon (especially if Amazon is getting bombed with PLR stuff because of this system being promoted). IMO, two of the four methods are not usable.

So are the affiliates just schlepping outdated product? In all fairness, the webinar talked about writing content yourself & getting ghostwriters. That's cool. But the real product has great content about writing content yourself - but the webinar discourages this. Read into that what you want.

The webinar even went into some stuff during the first hour that is not discussed in the real product - so the webinar has value of its own. (at least the first hour - before the speakers start focusing on amping up the reasons to buy the product, IMO)

The most interesting twist about the webinar was that at the end of it, they didn't have the you-know-whats to even speak the price. Instead, they just throw you to what must be their affiliate site that redirects you to purchase site. It's there you find out the 3 different pricing options - of which buying straight up at $997 is the least expensive.

In Ty's defense, he does go into significant detail how to write the content yourself. THAT is great info - but worth $997? Not so sure about that. He also shows another method to create the content which is fully disclosed in the webinar. This part of the material, however, is not really usable for the purpose I had in mind for my client.

Like I said, the package came yesterday. There are 7 video discs, a document disc & a bonus audio disc. (I've been through the first 7 already) All of this could fit on one disc. So again, I guess some people are wooo'ed by having to remove shrink wrap from 8 separately packaged video discs and maybe all this product opening ritual makes them feel warm and fuzzy that they got their $997's worth.

For me, for $997, I woulda rather had a thumb drive shipped to me.

The movies didn't automatically play. I had to use VLC to open each chapter up on each video - so often, I was having to open files to see the next section every few minutes. Some of the individual .avi files are incredibly short (like less than 3 minutes). I would have rather had one .avi file for each section of the material.

There are sections in the videos that give a hint to how many titles the author has listed on Amazon. I couldn't tell if he had 80 books or 800 - but in the other thread here on WF, seems other members have determined he's got 800 books. So how many of those were possibly put up on Amazon before the shakedown on PLR? I'd be curious to know.

So when the webinar says that the author grew his Amazon income to about $30k a month "in less than a few months", was it done the same way that you or I can do it now? I'm not so sure. And it's not disclosed, by what I can tell.

I do know that *if* he's got an account with 800 books to bring in "about 30k", he sure didn't write them all himself "in less than a few months". And if he used Ghostwriters (which would be legitimate), then run a pencil to paper to figure out how much it would cost to pay other writers to create 800 items. Whew. I digress.

Insignificant in the scheme of things, I've also got defective disks - the video was screwed up on my screen on discs #6 & #7. Even with that, the audio was fine so I could still easily get through the material - especially when parts of it are hand-holding type material about how to work Amazon's site.

In the end, I think some of this material is very good if you're cool with writing yourself or getting ghostwriters (both of those are disclosed in the webinar - so I'm not giving away any secrets here.) If it's workin' for Ty, then great for him. I sincerely wish him abundance.

BUT... I didn't get my value out of this for the purpose I have intended. I'm returning the package this week (as soon as I "eat crow" to my client who helped spring the $$ for this one).

Oh... and PS... there is "KINDLE CASH FLOW .com" splashed all over each of the disc cases... but if you go to kindlecashflow.com, it only reveals an optimize press start page. That seems odd to me on a product that is still being pushed like this one is.

PPSS... lol... I probably wouldn't have written this if Sean would have seen fit to just frickin' sell me the system, let me look it over, etc.

Instead, in ever-luvin'-marketing-methods-ways, I did sit through 2 hours of webinar (that could have been accomplished in 40 minutes) just for the privilege of buying this system that is not really up to snuff for 2012.

(all IMO, of course)

Hope this helps someone.....
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    So quick update-

    I just sent an email to the address provided to request a RMA# for returning this product.

    I immediately received a response (from an autoresponder, obviously) stating that due to their large workload, that they respond to emails in 48-72 hours.

    Stay tuned.
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    Another update-

    I got a response from Ty which gave me the address to return our package. I'll be sending it off tomorrow.

    He took the high road with me.

    Thanks, Ty!
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      Hm.... I was just on the webinar....I already have several Kindle courses, so springing a grand for this, not happening. He did say in the webinar that he discourages PLR and Public Domain materials on Kindle. He said they would shut your account down.
      Take a short survey. No sales pitch.
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    Hey bluewillow...

    There was another Kindle course I'd rather have had... but I was late for the party and it wasn't available by the time I went fishing for this info.

    Would you kindly PM me and let me know what courses you bought that you were pleased with?

    As for the PLR... exactly. The webinar discourages it, but there is one "whole" (albeit short) disc to just this topic.

    So during the webinar, IIRC, didn't they tout there were going to be 4 methods shown in the course? If so, I couldn't add up 4 topics.

    The other thing was some info he had that was oh so uber exclusive that it was only revealed, (yada yada yada) at some live event... but if that was in the course, I sure didn't catch on to something that was all that special in there.

    As the webinar explained (so it's no secret), there would be info about how to go about writing a book yourself. I think "the guy" did have some good info on that front.
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      Well, we know so many marketers think their averaged, repackaged crappy material is worth $1997 or $997. But the number has no meaning. It's not based on any real value, but instead is based on how much profit THEY want to make after they give their affiliate half of it.

      They lost me on the webinar when the host said they are not in it to make anything for themselves since they will be relaxing on the beach and living well whether the listeners buy or not. What a boatload of s**t. I hate when they intend to insult my intelligence with that nonsense. The ONLY reason they took 2 hours off the beach (supposedly) was to push the product so they could have more money for vacation .....or whatever. Every marketer should stop with that nonsense statement.

      NO ONE ON THE PLANET puts together a BIG marketing plan to sell a product for $997 just because they want to "give" and "help" other people. If that's the case, then why isn't it free? Stop the stupidity.
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    $997 for one product? Crazy. Many many better priced products and courses available for much less.
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