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Recently I received information on Authority Site Mode course by Lisa Parmley. Has anyone seen this or familiar with her work?
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    Yes, I just saw this too. Any reviews?
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    Bought this few days ago and roughly went through the most of the modules. This course release at the right time as I just started building an authority site.

    Basically this course is for someone who are looking for long term cash by building something that Google really likes. Lisa did mention you might need a job or any sort of income to support this kind of project. However, the training is pretty good, she went into the details and found lots of good tips. Also, you might feel that building Authority is not that hard anymore and its not that much work actually after you gone through the course. Before that I was told I have to produce thousands of contents targeting different keyword phrases, but Lisa will explain why you dont need to do that and she will show you how to produce quality content that your visitors and google will love.

    The only part I didnt like is... Lisa's teaching style is a little bit 'slow', so the videos a little bit long too watch. I bought it thru Matt Carter's webminar, and I remember Matt was like "we running out of time for this webminar" when Lisa was presenting. However, Lisa will update and put the transcripts if you want to skip the videos.

    Overall, I think its a solid product from a trustable marketer. Get it and take actions if you want to build a long lasting income that will only be more & more profitable for every Google algorithm change. Hope this helps
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      Thanks. I watched Matt Carter's webminar too. Thanks for your comments.

      To Motivate your day!

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    I'm barely done with Module 1, and I think the value I've gotten from the course is worth the $97 already.
    It's BUSINESS principles we're learning here, and about providing value to a marketplace, not just a money making machine.

    I don't regret the money I spent at all. You can't go wrong with that course. For real
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      Lisa is one of the good ones

      I definitley recommend her course...especially since she was talking about the riskiness of Google Sniper sites LONG before the Panda thing happened

      She is one of the few marketers I know who didn't really feel the effects of the panda slap due to the way she builds her sites

      Plus, she won't blow up your inbox with affiliate offers

      I hope this helps

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    Marketing is very important, I became successful with it by just studying free tutorials online...
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