My JVZoo vs WarriorPlus Review about Vendor Integrity

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From most perspective, JVZoo is better than WarriorPlus, but not this one, what I mean, INTEGRITY !

Here what happen.
Few weeks ago, I promoted a JVZoo product with commission 100%.
But today, when I about to consider to promote it again, it is 40%

Wow. Thanks dear.

Unlike JVZoo, warriorplus is good at this.
When vendor approved you at certain commission, yes, you will stick with that commission forever, eventhough when he decide to change it later. Who will be effected, is only the new affiliate.

Just my 2 cents.
Raja Kamil
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    Did you talk to their support to see what happened? What was communicated back to you?
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    So you're upset with JVZoo because an individual product vendor (who isn't JVZoo, and who has the right to change their commission rates at any time they'd like) decided to change their commission rate after their initial launch?

    LMAO! What the hell kind of logic is that?

    I supposed you'd blame Disney World if one of their guests spilled a soda on you too... how dare Disney let people walk around holding liquids!

    -Gary Ambrose
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    That has nothing to do with JVZoo. As Gary has stated, the logic is flawed. Contact the vendor and work it out.

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    Honestly, I believe that a vendor should be able to change the commissions, at anytime they want. It's there product.....
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    Absolutely. A vendor should be able to change their commission structure but they better let me know as their affiliate beforehand so I can change my marketing techniques.

    If I'm promoting a product with paid traffic that converts at $0.50EPC for a profit of $0.15EPC then a reduction to a payout of $0.20EPC (Same as going 100% to 40%) will have me losing money.
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    Vendors reserve the right to alter there pricing structure at any given time.

    I for one as a buyer and a vendor love JVZoo

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    I also think a vendor should be able to modify their pricing/offer. Of course it would be approriate of us as Vendors to email our affiliate partners about commission/offer changes.
    It is all about being ethical and building/maintaining relationships
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    OP, I hear you -

    But I'm here, right now, because I've been
    sending traffic to a WSO+ offer that was
    apparently pulled off market months ago.

    100% commission? 50% commission?

    Try NO commission.

    I will tell you where both of these services
    DO lack integrity though (of course they're
    not going to see it this way) -

    Buyers of your products -
    Buyers of the products you recommend -

    They all end up on the JVZoo and W+ lists
    and those guys are cleaning up selling
    products, as affiliates, to OUR CUSTOMERS!

    Yeah, think about that.

    If these guys had integrity they'd pay
    out something to the original referring
    affiliates. At least that's my opinion and
    I suspect if more people got what's going
    on they'd share that opinion.

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