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Hey Guys,

Just thought I would post this up since I couldnt find anything at all on the forum, if anyone has come across this website promising 6 million Us visitors for $99, dont believe it.

I admit I dont usually go for hype, but since there were no mentions of it here I would post it up. I bought their minimum package of 100k visitors for $18, and got upgraded to 200k (woohoo right...) WRONG.

Of these 200k visitors I have seen (according to their stats) 32k of them, and according to my stats on Google Analytics, I have seen... wait for it... 4.

Yes 4.


Thats all I can say, I mean I know GA isnt the best on reporting but cmon right...

Oh and of those 32k, 1 person signed up to my squeeze page (if it was even from them) so a 0.00003% conversion rate. Ok I admit it wasnt the best squeeze page, but it was converting MUCH better than that with other paid traffic sources.

TWO THUMBS DOWN I am afraid.

Cant say it isnt my own fault though for believing just a little bit!

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    Thanks for info Zayne I'll stay away from this one.
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      Originally Posted by chrisg942 View Post

      Thanks for info Zayne I'll stay away from this one.
      No worries!

      Best to stay away from such bulk traffic though, if it isnt consistent it does hurt your Google Ranking!

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    Thank You Zayne...You just saved my $18.
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    Thanks for that.
    I just got an email from them. I was going to buy it,but my spider sense told me to come here first.
    Glad I did it.
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