Plugin Autoblog from Amazon : Wp AzonPro, WpZon Builder or Wp robot?

by Yusri
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which you like for build amazon autoblog?
- Wp Azon Review
- Wp Robot
- Wp Zon Builder
- or another plugin?

thanks for your answer...
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    Another Plugin that has not been released yet.
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    I have been using WPZon for the past 6 months to build my amazon affiliate sites. Very easy to use, customer service is good. I got WPZon at a good price, just search the net for discount offers. I would like to try wp robot but unfortunately they dont have trial offer to test it and a little pricey.
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    I didn't really like the WP Robot Amazon plug in. I use ReviewAzon Pro Plugin
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    I like WP Zon. It makes beautiful posts! And it's really easy to use.
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    I have been using ReviewAZON for a couple of years now, not tried any of the others....
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    do any of these plugins eliminate keyword research?
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    I like Wp Robot plugin. It works very good. Many people are successfully using this plugin. Wp Zon is not bad. You can use any of this 2 plugin.
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      I have used 3 auto amazon plugins: auto estore, wp robot and wpzonbuilder.
      WP zon builder works best IMO for autoblogging. Unfortunately, my sites ranking dropped down recently and I guessed it's caused by duplicate content issues. CMIIW..

      no sigs at the moment :)

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    I think Wp Zon Builder is easier to use and is the most effective. I didn't really like the WP Robot Amazon plug in, although it worked well, I had problems adjusting to it's workspace. So try Zon Builder. It's easy to use and has less hustle and it's easy handle.

    Good Luck!
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    I run a handful of profitable Amazon autoblogs. Most of them do not require an Amazon plugin as I am very good at coding custom posts and using custom fields. However, any one of them can be very useful provided you know what you are doing.

    Simply scraping Amazon isn't nearly as effective as it once was. You have to be creative. With a bit of creativity, I can get my autoblogs indexed and ranked inside of a week for most targeted products.
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    WP Zon is the best of the list.

    The WP ComparePress plugin is one to look out for.
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