Legit drop shippers for eBay/amazon products

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Does anyone know or have any experience with drop shippers who you can sign up and work with without needing a tax I'd reseller?

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Hey there Scott,

    I can't say I'm a great resource for this, but since you haven't seen any responses in this forum, you might be interested in posting this topic on another forum.

    I belong to another forum whose population is interested in selling physical goods as the vendor on ebay and other online markets like that - perhaps they can give you the information you're looking for.

    They also have a lot of other helpful threads on there.. but it is a paid forum.

    I'll send you a PM with more info.


    PS Since this topic got popular..

    http://salehoo.com (no affil.)
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    Hey Scott,,,,,

    You don't want to deal with any dropshipper that does not ask for reseller tax id. They are not a wholeseller and are just a middle man whose prices are going to be too high for you to make any money on Amazon or Ebay.

    You just need to get the reseller tax id along with business license and deal with legit wholesellers. And make sure to keep records and pay your taxes to save yourself alot of grief.

    If you want good wholeseller and dropshipper list go to Skip McGrath's website and get off of him. Why? Bcos he has been on Ebay for alot of years and has been a Powerseller for alot of years and has sold millions worth of goods on Ebay. He's a good teacher if you want to sell on Ebay.

    Hope that helps you out and good luck.
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    You would be better off contacting a company yourself and trying to cut a deal with them. Most dropshippers you find on internet lists are already going to be supplying lots of sellers and there won't be much profit with that much competition.

    See if you can find a local business and be their "commission only" online sales agent.
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      Thanks so much to everyone on here for your helpful tips
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      Please pm me about the software--I do not have the required posts yet.
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    I actually started as a dropshipper, and here's what I've learned.

    The best place for me to find reliable suppliers was Ebay. I would just go around looking for the stuff I wanted to sell and checked if the seller had a shop. If he did, I would directly ask him if he did dropshipping. This is how I found my first legit supplier and made my first few dollars online.

    Ebay is a great place to find reliable suppliers since you check get their history. Sure, a lot of them are middle men, but that's really not an issue. As long as you can offer competitive pricing and have enough margin to cover for unforeseen expenses, then you're good.
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        I work with three dropshipping companies for my store.

        I found two of them looking into google for: keyword+dropship and being very patient... avoided the directories and went to real stores.

        the third one was the place I used to buy my things. It was nice to discover they dropshipped.

        once you find places that look good and have the legal part in place, place an order to check speed, packaging and to make sure they are not promoting their brand.
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      Originally Posted by cthemarketer View Post

      I'm not very experienced, but I've been doing it for a month and having quite a bit of success with Amazon. My video link in my signature shows how I'm doing it.
      I had a look at the video and looks nice, of course it is clear where it is going... to sell the soft. Which might be a good thing.

      question: how do you deal with the "from Amazon" issue. People donĀ“t bother?
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          Originally Posted by cthemarketer View Post

          I just ship it as a gift.
          So what this, you watch the video, then signup now you want my pedigree
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    I don't sell on eBay but do on amazon. If you're looking for constant stock Then I also suggest worldwidebrands.com. They have an amazing database of sellers and also a forum community. Having said that I have a VERY hard time finding anything to sell and still make a decent profit from. I have had the best luck just going to my local stores and looking in the clearance section. It takes a bit more work but he profits an be amazing.

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    Look for stuff at Sam's Club that has free shipping then list it for a few bucks more on eBay. Tons of people do this.

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    I wrote a book on this and have a successful business which generated over 20k in sales with just drop shipping. I then sold the site last summer for $7,000.

    Don't look for the term drop shipper on Google, it's all scams. Almost every manufacturer offers some type of drop shipping service these days. So let's say your looking to sale lights. You know how each type of light has a manufacturer name? Go to the manufacturers website, go to the contact us section become a retailer. pm me if you have questions.
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      I looked into drop shipping years ago... but was put off by all the scammy looking sites.

      Some great advice on here, I'll be pm'ing you Jeff... as I need some help

      I sort of accidently fell into it... I'm not doing it yet, but am talking to a manufacturer.

      I've an Amazon review site that gets good traffic, reviewing a household product.

      I'm reviewing 10 different brands, but there's a star that gets the most attention.

      I contacted the manufacturer a while back, as I wanted permission to use some video and graphics from their site... we got talking, and they enquired about seo advice etc for their site.

      I recently got interested in dropshipping again, so asked if they did it... and they said yes... cool...

      So... what's the play here?

      Do I turn my site into a store that specalizes in these products, and dropship, with my brand?

      I guess that's the general idea.

      The thing is, the product is selling for almost $20 cheaper on Amazon, than it is on their site... Will they expect me to sell at their price?

      What sort of mark up is normal? 20% 40%?

      At the moment, I'm making 7% with Amazon.

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    check out electrostand on amazon or contact their website at ElectroStand | The Ultimate iPad Stand for iPad1, iPad2, iPad3. Ive worked with them without the tax ID.
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    • Here is why most online merchants don't use dropshippers:

      You, the retailer, are caught in a squeeze. Or between a rock and a hard place, as it were.

      On one side is your dropshipper, who wants $xx.

      On the other side is your customer, who is only willing to pay $xx + something. (Or maybe not even $xx.)

      They're both pushing back. Your dropshipper has costs, too, and he can't give you much of a discount, if any. Your customer wants free shipping, but it's not free to you.

      An online merchant who isn't wedded to a dropshipper has the freedom to source the merchandise for much less. That's an efficiency you achieve by cutting the dropshipper out of the supply chain.

      If you go with dropshipping, you risk having your margins squeezed to almost nothing. This is why most people don't stick with it.

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    You probably don't want to use dropshippers for ebay and amazon. But if you are looking for some good wholesalers... consider signing up for worldwide brands. Hefty fee, but worth it - especially if you want to establish yourself as an authority in your niche on ebay.
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    eBay does not approve of dropshipping.
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      Originally Posted by Silas Hart View Post

      eBay does not approve of dropshipping.
      Where did you hear this? They cannot dictate where you get your products to sell.
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        Originally Posted by tonicemarketing View Post

        Where did you hear this? They cannot dictate where you get your products to sell.
        From eBay. eBay disproves of dropshipping whereas the item being sold is not in direct possession of the eBay seller and is shipped by a third party. If you reach your selling limits for three consecutive months they will contact you by phone and ask you several questions, one of which will be in regards to dropshipping. If you say you do dropship, they will not allow you to increase your limits beyond a certain amount a month. There are several reasons they have this stance, and many reasons I support.
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    I use urbanload.com. You can make good money with that. I was making $150/profit a day at my heyday with them .
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