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I have grown tired of WA and am looking for an upgrade for my PPC learning. Which do you think is better for learning advanced PPC: PPC Classroom or Mind Valley Labs?

Also, since Mind Valley Labs seems to be broader than PPC, would this be a better investment for general affiliate marketing knowledge?

Finally, it looks like the cost is roughly:
Mind Valley $95 a month vs. PPC Classroom $200 a month for the VIP one. Is this an accurate cost comparison for getting quality from each or are there more upsells in there that should be added for both groups?
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    PPC Classroom is about to relaunch in a few days. I bought the training the last time around and paid $78 for it. It was an incredible bargain IMO. There were upsells, and I took advantage of 2 that run me $50/month, but I felt they were well worth the money.

    As far as price, your estimate for PPC Classroom is way off, unless something really changed between the last run and the one coming up.

    I'm one of the affiliates for them and I can tell you based on what you thought it might be, the offer is going to blow your socks off. Do not miss it on launch day!

    To your success,

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      Hey Micheal,

      I saw somewhere else on this forum that the PPC Classroom's VIP service runs $200 a month. Is this not true? Also, since you are a member and have used two upsells, what are the typical upsells and why did you find the 2 you bought valuable?
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    I'm not sure about a VIP service. There might be an upsell that uses that title that I never got to because I stopped buying.

    There were two packages that I purchased. One was an ongoing training package at $30 a month. There were 9 different training lessons in the main course. Each lesson was several pages long, with a quiz at the end for you to evaluate what you learned. That section took me over a month to get through.

    They monitor everyone and can see where all the students are in the training program. When the first student is getting close to finishing the lessons in the base program, they start adding additional lessons for everyone who bought the ongoing training. They also open a forum up after a few weeks for everyone to communicate with each other.

    The second upsell I bought was a niche research package. The instructor for the lessons I bought would research 3 niches each month. He broke down what he was looking at to determine if it was a good niche to target, he provides several hundred or several thousand keywords depending on how many good ones he finds, and talks about how to setup a PPC campaign for that niche.

    Hope that helps.

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    I forgot to mention. I paid for the course and 2 months worth of upsells in my first month after starting the training.

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    Does mind valley offer ppc coaching? I thought they did something else entirely?
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    When is launch day for PPC Classroom, thanks.

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    PPC Classroom launches on Feb 24. It is in pre-launch now. Last time I got on their mailing list during pre-launch and got a few reports out of it that were very helpful and I think they had some good videos also.

    I just put a link to it in my sig file. That's my affiliate link, but you can bypass it and just type it into your browser.

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    I just finished reading the report, "5 Deadliest Mistakes Your Probably Making or About to Make". Considering I am just looking to launch a campaign, it was very useful, I am glad to have read it. I personally will be watching this launch closely.

    Jeremy Wilson's FireFox Plugin, Affiliate Espionage has been very effective for gathering marketing data. And its pretty cheap. I think it is similar to Brad Callens PPC Spy tool.

    Micheal, one thing that I have been having a hard time determining is what a reasonable, but not overly aggressive budget one should expect when entering the PPC marketplace?


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    Pretty sure you can get Mind Valley Labs for $47 if you join their list for a while.
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      Hi Amanda,

      Do you have any experience with Mind Valley?
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    I read the 5 mistakes report and saw the webinar and was very impressed

    Latest alternatives to Leather Gym Gloves

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