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Anyone able to get this? Apparently this Clickbank launch opened and closed on the same day. The vendor claimed to be sold out but I highly doubt this is the case. The product launched 9am EST today April 2 and was closed by 11pm EST. Go figure. My only question is did Clickbank shut them down or was it vendor issues that forced them to shut down before they could get some traction. Any ideas?

Sales page:
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    Wow..that's odd. This is one product I'm actually promoting.. it's very good. It includes videos and online software.

    It shows you how to sell basic 1-2 page sites to local businesses in your area after you rank them for local search terms.

    Overall quality is very good.. not sure why it's unavailable now. I made a video review, but everytime I post one on here, they remove it.. :confused:

    Update: I asked why they closed it and this was the response..

    "We had to close the site as conversions were a lot lower than we anticipated. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. We are working on a better sales video and hope to go live again soon."
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    Chris: I did see your review which was very good and comprehensive and thanks for finding out what the problem was.
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    Welcome.. it's a shame when a decent product like Commission Prophet comes out, it's only available for a day.. I really hope they do make it available again.
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    Oops. Hope that's a genuine response from the developers. Looked like a great product so don't understand that reaction on their part. Let's wait and see what happens... and any more feedback will be appreciated.... anyone?
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    Well, I was sent a link to it today. A huge long video. I came here to any one knew about it. When sales videos are so long I was they'd go back to sales pages.

    Guess I'll wait until the video ends.

    This is the site I was sent to Commission Prophet. No affiliate link
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